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Material Handling

Presto Lifts Inc manufactures high-end hydraulic lift equipment for handling pallets and load vehicles, as well as for positioning workers for specialised jobs. Its extensive catalogue includes scissor lift tables, container tilters, pallet lifts, hydraulic cantilevers and load levellers. Presto pneumatic scissor lift tables are designed to raise large loads through a heavy-duty airbag system that requires no additional electricity. These tables feature a pedestal control for monitoring lifting or lowering activities and a pressure relief valve to provide maximum hydraulic pressure. They require about 80 psi (at 15 cfm) of standard shop air for lifting loads up to 4000 lb. The brand also manufactures stackers ideal for lifting and stacking heavy equipment in warehouses or on the docks. Presto Lifts PPS2200 Series PowerStak stackers feature a turtle speed facility for maneuvering in tight spaces and a Belly Bump switch to allow automatic reversing. These are offered in fork-over and adjustable-straddle configuration styles for use with open bottom pallets or skids and closed-bottom pallets, respectively. These products are available in different dimensional configurations on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Presto Lifts distributor.