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POP is a leading manufacturer of high-quality rivet tools, rivet guns, rivet tool kits, rivet automation systems, threaded insert tools and related parts and accessories. POP rivets are easy to install, cost-effective and widely used in the aircraft industry and with sheet-metal alloys for the versatility and reliability they offer. Blind rivets by POP can be used to attach nameplates, hinges and signs, and fasten wall and ceiling decorations. These rivets are available in aluminium and stainless steel with countersunk, flange and domed-style heads.
The company also offers a wide range of steel-made round rivet washers designed for use with stainless-steel POP rivets. These POP rivet washers provide a larger diameter of pressure during fastener installation, which helps in distributing the pressure over the material, preventing pull through. POP also manufactures lightweight polymer rivet tools featuring a high-capacity 12 V rechargeable battery, a patented Quick Disconnect nose housing and high force-to-weight ratio.

  • Blind Rivets
Aluminium, copper and steel made blind rivets with a domed, large-flanged or countersunk head. Widely used to attach hinges and door knobs, and pierce through leather, plastic or textile. Available in different head diameters, head heights and drill sizes
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Products (186)
  • Cordless Riveters
Cordless riveting tools featuring a patented Quick Disconnect nose housing, a jaw case, a mandrel collector and a maximum pulling force of 8896 N. Come with a heavy-duty blow molded case, a high-capacity 12V battery, a charger and nosepieces
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  • Nut Inserts
Steel or chloroprene made jack and well nut inserts designed to provide superior pull-out and torque-out resistance. Available in different lengths, head diameters, thread sizes and grip ranges
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  • Parts
Includes jaw pushers, 2- and 3- piece jaw sets, jaw pusher springs and assemblies, nosepieces and mandrel guides in different sizes
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Products (23)
  • Rivet Presenters
Used to automatically feed a rivet to the front of the riveting tool and to reduce operator fatigue. Compatible with 1/8-inch standard flange rivets and have a maximum rivet capacity of 1000
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Products (1)
  • Rivet Tools
Includes POP rivet tool kits designed for setting / installing steel or aluminium blind rivets. Feature heavy-duty steel or aluminium construction, contoured handle grip and a maximum working pressure of 101.5 psi. Air riveters, hand plier tools, lever tools and insert tool kits also available
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Products (11)
  • Rivet Washers
Steel-made round rivet washers designed to fasten screws in soft or brittle materials. Available in different inside and outside diameters
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Products (2)
  • Riveters
Industrial-duty compressed air riveters designed to set uniform rivets in any position. Have a maximum pressure and pulling force of 85 psi and 3000 lb (13344 N), respectively
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  • Thread Insert Tool Accessories
Includes high-quality steel adapters designed for use with industrial-duty air rivet nut tools
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  • Thread Insert Tools
Ideal for installation of new or removal of old / damaged threaded inserts from drilled holes. Includes mandrels and nosepieces featuring hardened steel construction and a UNC or UNF thread
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