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Panduit provides innovative network infrastructure and electrical wiring solutions for manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, energy and telecommunication industries. The Panduit catalogue includes cabinets, racks, wire management tools, labels and signs. The brand’s detectable cable ties feature one-piece locking wedge for consistent performance, low thread force and high loop tensile strength. These Panduit cable ties are made from nylon and have a maximum tensile strength of 50 lb (23 kg). The brand’s wire strippers feature heat-treated steel for durability and cushioned plastic handles for grip and comfort. These strippers are ideal for crimping 22 - 10 AWG insulated and non-insulated terminals, and cutting up to #10 screw sizes. Choose from a wide range of these Panduit products, as well as cable clips, calibration and inspection labels, on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Panduit distributor.

  • Antistatic Accessories
ESD port kits designed for protection against electrostatic discharge to network equipment. Feature a two-hole configuration to provide anti-rotation and prevent loss of bond
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  • Antistatic Wrist Strap Kits
Adjustable ESD wrist straps designed to ground a technician working on highly sensitive electronic equipment. Ideal for reducing the build-up or discharge of static electricity featuring one-mega ohm resistor
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  • Bonding and Grounding Wire Accessories
RoHS-compliant bonding cage nut kits designed to help in creating electrical connection between equipment and mounting rails. Contain 8 pieces of high carbon steel bonding cage nuts and screws. Busbar kits, cabinet ground kits and cross connectors also available
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Products (30)
  • Cabinet Accessory
Fibre mount trays designed to organise fibre distribution; feature a removable top cover to provide access to connections, fibres and slack storage in rear of tray. Dual side vertical managers, fibre management spools and blank fibre adapter panels also available
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Products (14)
  • Cable and Wire Crimping Tools
Heat-treated wire strippers ideal for crimping 22 - 10 AWG insulated and non-insulated terminals, disconnects and splices
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Products (11)
  • Cable Clips
Nylon cable clips featuring a double-backed rubber adhesive foam tape for conformable contact with uneven surfaces. Cable clamps and cable tie mounting pads also available
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Products (11)
  • Cable Supports
Hook ceiling mounts featuring a patented design which provides a complete horizontal and vertical bend radius control to prevent degradation of cable performance
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Products (19)
  • Cable Tie Tools
Cordless cable tie tools featuring an automatic flush cut-off to enhance productivity, 360 degree rotation head and controlled tension mechanism for consistent installations
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Products (6)
  • Cable Ties
Heavy-duty cable ties designed to withstand rough installation practices and provide superior bundle tightness, excellent tensile strength and flexibility. Miniature, intermediate and detectable cable ties also available
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Products (185)
  • Calibration and Inspection Labels
ROHS-compliant labels featuring self-adhesive polyester construction to document preventative maintenance, alert personnel to special requirements and identify / track critical information on materials
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  • Crimping Tool Dies
Products (3)
  • Fork Terminals
Products (39)
  • Grommet Edging
Products (4)
  • Indenting Machines
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  • Pin Terminals
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