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Paladin Tools has been producing high-quality tools for datacom, telecom and electrical installations for over 30 years. The Paladin Tools catalog comprises punch down tools; cable and wire slitters, cutters and crimping tools; and replacement parts. These tools are used to cut, bend, strip and crimp twisted pair, coaxial, fibre optic and other insulated / uninsulated electrical wiring. Paladin crimpers feature an interchangeable-die crimping system with EZI-change die screws to make die-changing quick and easy. The brand also produces a variety of dieless crimpers for use with sub pins and sockets, and butt-insulated and open barrel connectors, with jaw-opening capacity to fit wires of sizes ranging from 28 to 14 AWG. Pre-calibrated wire strippers featuring stainless-steel blades and precision-stripping cavities for use with RG58, RG178 and fiber optic cables, are also available. Choose from a wide range of these tools on Raptor Supplies, an authorised distributor of the brand.

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