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Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc is a leading provider of automation safeguarding products designed for protecting workers from automated equipment, machines and industrial robots. Its extensive products line includes light curtains, perimeter accessing guards, laser scanners, safety interlock switches, safety push buttons, relay sockets, mat trims and push-button enclosures. Commonly used for detecting the opening of doors to prevent unauthorised access, STI safety interlock switches have a durable glass-reinforced polyester body with a conduit connector that can withstand wash-down cleaning. These miniature tongue-operated switches have a rotatable head with a 90-degree actuator that allows 8 possible actuator entry points, making them ideal for smaller machines with space restrictions. They are designed to fit easily on a 1-inch square tubing and are available in 2 NC and 1 NC configurations. For preventing worker or operator injury, Omron STI offers light curtains with a high power light source of 880 nm infrared LED and a response time of 16 - 53 milliseconds. These safety light curtains feature a 2-box design that needs no separate control box or a linking cable while allowing the transmitter and receiver to work together. Choose from a wide range of these light curtains with other company products, such as legend plates, sensor cordsets and related accessories, on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Omron STI distributor.

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