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Ok Industries, a division of Jonard Industries Corp, offers high-quality wire wrapping tools, benchtop tools and IC insertion and extraction tools. These tools are widely used by technicians for installation and maintenance of fibre optic cables and copper voice / data lines. The lightweight and durable Ok Industries wire wrap tool comes with a dual-finger short-throw trigger and a long handle, which help in reducing pressure on the palm. Raptor Supplies, being the authorised distributor of the brand, offers a wide range of these wrap tools and other products, such as punch down tools, air cleaner filters and soldering accessories, via hassle-free order placement and delivery.

Air Cleaner Filters
  • Air Cleaner Filters
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  • Parts
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Punch Down Tools
  • Punch Down Tools
EPB Series battery-operated punch down tools with adjustable impact settings offering 1000 impacts with each charge. Feature ergonomic handle with soft over-moulded grip and offer quick and easy blade lock & release
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Soldering Accessories
  • Soldering Accessories
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Wire Strippers and Cable Slitters
  • Wire Strippers and Cable Slitters
Pocket-sized tools using hardened steel cutting blades for nick-free stripping of 18 to 36 AWG wires. Includes ST-500, ST-550 & ST-450 Series wire strippers with an adjustment dial for 6 different cutting settings. Available in solid & stranded cable types
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Wire Wrap and Unwrap Tools
  • Wire Wrap and Unwrap Tools
Wire wrap and unwrap tools with dual-finger short-throw trigger and a long handle to reduce pressure on the palm; ideal for 18 to 32 AWG wire thicknesses. Rated at 2500 cycles/day & available in battery-powered (3.6 V) and 20-ft cord length variants. Also find manual wrap / unwrap tools
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Wire Wrap Tool Accessories
  • Wire Wrap Tool Accessories
Bits & sleeves for quality wrap in clockwise & unwrap in anti-clockwise direction. Feature removal mechanism to quickly switch between the Wrap & Unwrap modes, and 1000V dielectric coating on sleeves to prevent pin-to-pin shorting. PTX with light attachments and battery chargers also available
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Wire Wrapping Wire
  • Wire Wrapping Wire
Kynar insulated & silver-plated copper conductors ideal for joining 24 to 30 AWG wires in electronic circuits. Provide regular and modified wire-wrapping methods with yield in max resistance of 3 ohms and are offered in 50-, 100- and 1000-foot rolls. Roll dispensers and pre-cut wires also available
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