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Oetiker is a leading manufacturer of high-quality clamps and clamping tools. Its product range includes clamps, clamping tools, clamp kits and welding hose repair kits. The company also manufactures pliers for installing and removing different clamps. Oetiker pliers are lightweight, easy to handle and ensure a leaf-proof connection. Oetiker ear clamps and screw clamps are used to secure and fasten rubber hoses, plastic tubes and electrical cables. These clamps are made from stainless steel and offered in different dimensions for application in compressed air systems. Choose from a wide range of Oetiker clamps, including StepLess screw clamps, zinc-plated 2-ear clamps, stainless-steel 2-ear clamps and StepLess ear clamps, on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Oetiker distributor.

  • Clamping Tools
Includes various forged steel ratchet pincers and standard jaw pincers used to cut, pinch or pull clamps
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  • Ear Clamps
Includes a variety of stainless steel and zinc-plated ear clamps, used to fasten hoses and tubes. Available in different sizes and thicknesses
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  • Hose Clamp Assortments
Includes 81- and 124-piece Oetiker hose clamp kits comprising a standard jaw pincer and 2-ear or StepLess 1-ear clamps in different sizes
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  • Welding Accessories
Includes welding hose kits, each comprising a standard jaw pincer, 12 nuts, 8 nipples, 6 hose menders and 54 clamps. Ideal for repairing of acetylene and oxygen tanks
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  • Worm Gear Clamps
DIN 3017 compliant durable clamps used to secure pneumatic and exhaust hoses. Can fit hoses of different diameters and have punched slots in the band to secure the clamp in place at high-torque loads
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