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Gloves and Hand Protection

  • Anti-Vibration Gloves and Wraps

    CE-certified gloves featuring hook-and-loop tab closure for user comfort and polyvinyl chloride patches to provide protection against impact shocks in construction and mining sites

  • Antistatic Gloves

    Anti-static conductive gloves made of copper-based Thunderon fibre, with a polyurethane coating on palm and fingertips. Ideal for handling electrically sensitive devices like computer components and circuit boards

  • Chemical Resistant Gloves

    Ideal for protection against oils, grease, petroleum products and caustics in general cleaning and food processing applications. Available in a wide range of sizes, colours, finish options and liner materials

  • Clean Room and Lab Gloves

    Nitrile gloves with rough, leather-grade beaded cuffs to withstand abrasions, chemicals, cuts and punctures. Offered in packs of 100 pieces

  • Coated Gloves

    Nitrile / vinyl / PVC / yarn coated gloves ideal for providing resistance against oils, grease, punctures and cuts in material handling and automotive assembly operations. Available in foam and textured finish options

  • Cut-Resistant Gloves

    Designed to protect hands from blades, knives or glass in welding stations and food processing units. Feature nitrile / polyurethane / PVC coating for an extra layer of protection

  • Glove Box Gloves

    Seamless glovebox gloves providing high permeation resistance to vapours, oxidising chemicals, greases and fuels. Ideal for use in food processing units and laboratories. Offered in Hypalon, neoprene and butyl material options

  • Knit Gloves

    Lightweight knit gloves featuring a seamless knit design for a natural fit. Follow USDA / FDA standards for use in food processing units

Head Protection

  • Bump Caps

    Lightweight bump caps featuring a 4-point HDPE shell with pin-lock adjustment to protect users from cuts, scrapes and bruises. Offered in blue, navy, white and yellow colours

  • Chin Straps

    4-point polyethylene chin straps designed for use with North-Honeywell hard hats to prevent unintentional hat falling-off incidents

  • Hard Hat Suspensions

    Plastic / nylon pin lock and ratchet suspensions featuring 360-degree padded sweatbands and accessory slots for visors and ear muffs

  • Hard Hats

    Includes ANSI rated front / full brim hard hats ideal for factory and construction site workers to provide maximum tolerance against heat, rain and impact. Hard hats pre-installed with ear muffs and a face screen also available

Disposable and Chemical Resistant Clothing

  • Chemical Resistant and Disposable Aprons

    Polyethylene / EVOH / silver-shield bib and coat aprons designed to resist alcohols, aliphatics, aromatics, chlorines, ketones and esters for applications in pharmaceutical and food services

  • Chemical Resistant and Disposable Hoods

    One-size-fits-all hoods designed as per ANSI Z.87.1-2010 standards for use with goggles or respirators to filter chemicals or gases out of breathing air

  • Chemical Resistant and Disposable Sleeves

    SilverShield Series sleeves tested to resist IEST-RP-CC005.3 particulates and extractables, and provide ASTM-739 rated permeation capacity. Feature multi-layer nitrile-formula construction with a smooth surface finish

Eye Protection and Accessories

Face Protection

Emergency Preparedness

Identification Products



Welding Helmets and Welding Protection

North, a subsidiary of Honeywell Safety Products, is a global manufacturer of cutting-edge personal safety equipment for applications in construction sites, oil / gas refineries and wind farms. The extensive North Safety Products catalogue comprises safety glasses, safety gloves, chemical-resistant workwear, hard hats and disaster survival kits. North safety glasses are designed as per ANSI standards and feature polycarbonate lenses for protection against dust, scratch, UV radiations and fog. These frame / frameless safety glasses are available in a wide range of colours, sizes, lens options and temple variants. The company's top-selling chemical-resistant gloves follow EN ISO 13997 standards and come equipped with flock, interlock knit or powder-free liners to provide an extra layer of protection and to absorb moisture. Choose from a wide range of half- and full-face North respirator masks, hard hat suspensions, valve lockout devices and PAPR accessories on Raptor Supplies, a trusted North-Honeywell Safety distributor.