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About Newstripe

Newstripe is a leading producer of pavement & floor striping equipment and can disposal systems ideal for field maintenance and marking. The brands extensive catalogue includes stencils, striping paints, templates, pail crushers & compactors. AeroVent systems by Newstripe are rugged aerosol can puncture systems made from arc welded steel and are ideal for crushing cans into scrap metal. These crushers feature a handle / clamp and Safe2Vent activated carbon filter for safe depressuring of cans. The handle ensures tight sealing of the chamber while carbon filters prevent vapour from escaping. They are available in a single or three can capacity variants, with AeroVent 3X having a unique tray design with quick change aluminium guides to allow cans of different sizes. Newstripe striping machines (4250 Airless by Newstripe) are designed for marking pavements and athletic fields. These compact and lightweight machines are equipped with an adjustable, 3000 psi pressure pump which sprays bright and straight lines (2 to 6 inch wide) without wasting paint. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of striping solutions, along with stencils for designing and painting unique designs.