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MSA Safety (Mine Safety Appliance) provides a variety of safety products to ensure worker protection in hazardous conditions. Its product line includes various head protection, fall protection, eye protection, face protection and hearing protection products. The MSA Safety catalogue includes safety helmets, harnesses, respirators, gas detectors, replacement sensors, cartridges and filters, carabiners, ear muffs, gas masks, protective goggles and de-valving tools. These safety products are used in fire and rescue services as well as in construction and chemical industries. The MSA Safety Helmet product range includes various hard hats, air hoods, air helmets and bump caps in different colours, hat sizes and shell materials.

Beam and Steel Anchors
  • Beam and Steel Anchors
Products (12)
Bump Caps
  • Bump Caps
Products (11)
Calibration Adapters
  • Calibration Adapters
Products (1)
  • Carabiners
Products (6)
Chin Straps
  • Chin Straps
Products (1)
Concrete Anchors
  • Concrete Anchors
Products (7)
Devalving Tools
  • Devalving Tools
Products (1)
Ear Muffs
  • Ear Muffs
Products (3)
Faceshield Assemblies
  • Faceshield Assemblies
Products (3)
Fall Protection Kits
  • Fall Protection Kits
Products (11)
Fall Rescue Devices
  • Fall Rescue Devices
Products (3)
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