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Safety Filter

Multi-Gas Detectors

Multi-Gas Detector, O2, LEL, CO, Charcoal
Item: CD3PMZ
Model: 10178566
$2,008.73 /unit
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Multi-Gas Detector, LEL, O2, Charcoal
Item: CD3PNA
Model: 10178568
$2,008.73 /unit
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Multi-Gas Detector, O2, LEL, CO
Item: CD3XDC
Model: 10178567
$2,008.73 /unit
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About Altair 4xr

A product line of MSA, ALTAIR 4XR offers a comprehensive range of portable multi-gas detectors. These ALTAIR 4XR multi-gas detectors are rapid-response detectors that provide real-time response and can detect LEL, O2, H2S and CO. These detectors also have an audible alarm that raises non-compliance warnings and InstantAlert distress calls. Altair multi-gas detectors provide real-time updates to supervisors and safety managers when paired with MSA ALTAIR connect app via a bluetooth connection. Raptor Supplies is an authrise distributor for ALTAIR 4XR, offering high-quality multi-gas detectors for use in environments with limited ventilation.