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Morse Manufacturing Company, Inc. offers an extensive line of ergonomic drum handling and storage equipment. The Morse Drum Handling product range includes drum rollers, drum carriers, drum rotators, drum tumblers, drum trucks and drum lifters. These products are widely used in oil, petroleum, brewery and food processing industries to lift and move drums and to mix drum contents. Morse drum roller is used to mix the contents of a sealed drum (at a fixed speed or variable speeds) and prevent them from contamination. Morse drum tumbler is used to stir drum contents and provide end-to-end mixing of these contents to prevent their sedimentation at the bottom. To effectively lift and dispense drum materials, Morse drum lifter and dispenser are offered in various motor-driven and manually operated versions. Choose from a wide range of these drum lifters, available in different storage capacities and drum sizes and types, on Raptor Supplies, an authorised drum lifter supplier.

  • Drum Accessories
Includes drum faucets to start, stop and adjust liquid flow from drums. Available in polyethylene construction for use with non-flammable and corrosive liquids and molasses gate variants for viscous liquids. Also includes drum wrenches to open drums with non-flammable materials
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Products (10)
  • Drum Barrel Pump Accessories
Barrel hand pumps used to dispense liquids from drums with a controlled discharge rate of 0.95 litre. Have a double-action piston that dispenses liquid on both forward and back strokes. Available in different hose, gasket, body and seal materials
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Products (5)
  • Drum Cones
Used to control dispensing of drum contents with an easy-to-operate valve. These Morse drum cones are made of steel or aluminium and come in different drum diameters, ranging from 15 - 7/8 inches to 23 - 3/8 inches
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Products (103)
  • Drum Cradles and Tippers
Drum cradles and tippers with a maximum capacity of 700 lb. Used to move, tilt and dispense drums and can be used with drums having capacities up to 55 gallons
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Products (8)
  • Drum Diameter Adapters
Used to handle smaller drums with any Morse drum handler by adding girth to the cylinder diameter. Available in different diameters to fit different drum sizes
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Products (19)
  • Drum Dollies
Steel drum dollies used for transporting drums of up to 1000 lb capacity. Can be used with plastic, steel and fibre drums and offered in round and square variants
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Products (15)
  • Drum Hand Trucks
Used to move and dispense heavy drums in both horizontal and vertical positions. Available in 2-,3- and 4-wheel variants with a maximum capacity of 1200 lb
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Products (9)
  • Drum Heaters
Used to heat drum contents and prevent them from freezing by maintaining the correct temperature using a thermostat. Conduct heat through the pail wall to the contents of the drum and can be used with metallic and non-metallic drums
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Products (15)
  • Drum Lifters and Dispensers
Includes various motor-driven and manually-operated drum lifters and dispensers, such as below-the-hook drum lifters (Morse drum 86), slings and forklift drum lifters, in different drum sizes, types and capacities
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Products (416)
  • Drum Rollers
Includes a wide range of CE-marked portable, stationary and hydraulic drum rollers used to mix the contents of a sealed drum at fixed or variable speeds
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Products (73)
  • Drum Safety Enclosures
OSHA-compliant safety enclosures designed to provide a barrier between workers and drum handling equipment. Available in fenced and completely closed models with an automatic power shut-off feature
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Products (104)
  • Drum Tumblers
Includes a variety of tilt-to-load, CE-marked and can drum tumblers that use an end-to-end mixing process to stir drum contents and prevent their sedimentation at the bottom
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Products (51)
  • Fork Mounted Drum Handling Equipment
Includes forklift drum attachments, drum rackers and Forklift-Karriers that are mounted on forks or drums; used in easy lifting and transportation of open- and closed-head drums. Available in battery operated and pull-chain variants with a maximum load capacity of 2500 lb (1134 kg)
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Products (26)
  • Specialty Hand Trucks
Two-wheel hand trucks with an all-welded steel construction and hard polyolefin wheels. Have a maximum capacity of 1000 lb and are used to handle heavy-duty 5-gallon pails
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Products (1)