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Monoprice has been offering high-quality electronics and accessories for more than 15 years. The company's line of products includes cables, adapters, switches, splitters, extenders, repeaters, mounts, stands, PC components and gaming keyboards. The Monoprice Cables catalogue comprises patch, HDMI, networking, fibre optic, data, audio-video, lightning, power, computer and printer cables. Fibre optic cables are designed to provide high data speeds over long distances. These cables are rated safe for use within the walls or between the floors of any building. They are offered in single- and multi-mode variants and in different lengths.
Choose from a wide range of these cables and other Monoprice products, such as datacom jacks, wall plates, plug adapters and open frame racks, from Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Monoprice distributors.

Audio-Video Cables
  • Audio-Video Cables
Includes Monoprice audio cables and video cables in HDMI and RCA connection types
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Products (209)
Audio-Video Splitters Connectors and Adapters
  • Audio-Video Splitters Connectors and Adapters
Includes plugs, adapters, splitters, couplers, connectors, converters, wall plates, repeaters and extenders in different connection types
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Products (124)
Electrical Wall Plates
  • Electrical Wall Plates
Audio / video wall plates, pro power kits and surge block replacements designed for use with keystones and gang boxes to provide a clean and finished look when installing Ethernet or communication networks
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Products (16)
Extension Cords
  • Extension Cords
Used to power electrical devices that are fixed or installed at a distance from the main power supply. Feature a NEMA 5-15P plug on one end and a NEMA 5-15R receptacle on the other end
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Products (8)
Fiber Optic Adapters
  • Fiber Optic Adapters
Simplex and duplex fibre optic cable adapters featuring low-loss metal or plastic body construction. Designed for coupling two ST or SC connectors with two other SC connectors
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Products (2)
Fiber Optic Patch Cords
  • Fiber Optic Patch Cords
Includes a wide range of LC/LC, LC/SC, ST/ST, LC/ST and SC/ST patch cords in lengths ranging from 1 to 42 m
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Products (53)
International Plug Adapters
  • International Plug Adapters
CE-certified compact cube universal travel adapters that can accommodate two- or three-bladed power plugs used in China, Australia, the EU, the US and the UK. Can handle 830 watts of power and are are rated for 8 amps
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Products (1)
Power Supply Cord
  • Power Supply Cord
Used to connect servers, monitors, computers, laptops and other networking devices to a power source. Feature PVC jackets and IEC C14 / 5-15P ends, and are available in flat or round shape and in different cord lengths
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Products (30)
Voice Data Communication Cabinets
  • Voice Data Communication Cabinets
Includes aluminium or steel made high-quality open frame racks that can safely support up to 2200 lb load. Intended for use with rack-mount equipment and offered in different heights, widths and depths
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Products (1)
Voice Data Connectors
  • Voice Data Connectors
Intended to connect computers and phones to a hub and are used to install or upgrade communication networks. Can be used with stranded, solid or shielded wires
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Products (33)
Voice Data Jacks
  • Voice Data Jacks
Includes datacom jacks and keystone jacks used for mounting various optical connectors or electrical jacks. Available in different dimensions and terminal types
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Products (57)
Voice Data Outlets Boxes Faceplates
  • Voice Data Outlets Boxes Faceplates
Designed to accommodate snap-in multimedia and fibre jacks, and for use with keystones and gang boxes. Include wall plates, surface mount boxes and wall plate inserts in PVC or zinc alloy
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Products (37)
Voice Data Patch Cords
  • Voice Data Patch Cords
Includes Ethernet patch cables with a 100% bare copper conductor that complies with UL standards. Available in different dimensions and connector types
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Products (349)