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Mitee-Bite is a leading provider of high-density and low-profile clamping solutions for rugged use in industrial settings. The Mitee-Bite catalog comprises a wide range of flange set-up wedges, machining vise accessories, clamping kits, T-slot kits and collet accessories. The brand also manufactures machinable fixture clamps, knife edge clamps and compact toe clamps used for securing objects in a locked position in different carpentry, welding, construction and metalworking projects. Mitee-Bite clamps are also supplied with a T-slot kit which includes cam-action fixture clamps, hex keys and T-nuts of 3/8 inch slots. Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Mitee-Bite distributors, offers a variety of Mitee-Bite clamps in different load-bearing capacities and thread sizes for different applications.

  • Clamping Kits
Includes a wide range of T-slot and T-nut Mitee Bite clamp kits in different dimensions, drive sizes, diameters and thread sizes
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  • Collet Accessories
Includes a wide range of 5C, 16C and 3J Mitee Bite collet wrenches and collet stops for front loading 5C Series collets
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  • Flange Set-Up Wedges
Includes extension arms, worm gears, swivel shoes, riser blocks, chains, master links, anchors, bushings and insertion tools in stainless steel / steel / aluminium / brass
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  • Machining Vise Accessories
Includes pallets, TalonGrip vise-jaw stops and fixture grips, gaskets, VM100 kits, base units and OK VISE clamps needed for fixture jobs but without removing vises
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