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Miller Weldcraft is a leading manufacturer of TIG equipment and torches for various welding applications. Miller Weldcraft tungsten electrodes are composed of 2% lanthanated tungsten, which provides excellent arc stability in both AC and DC welding. These electrodes work efficiently on carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel alloy, titanium, aluminium, copper alloy, magnesium and cobalt workpieces. The Miller Weldcraft TIG Torch range includes air-cooled and water-cooled torches and is supplied with other welding accessories and replacement parts such as caps, nozzles and hoses.

TIG Torches
  • TIG Torches
Includes air-cooled (below 250 A) and water-cooled (above 200 A) torches designed for use with Miller TIG welders. Feature a pen-style head design with ergonomic contact points to reduce operator fatigue & a finger-tip gas control for precisely controlling arcs 
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TIG Welding Accessories
  • TIG Welding Accessories
Includes power cable adapters, nozzles, gas couplers, collets, insulators, hoses and clamps designed for use with TIG welding equipment
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Tungsten Electrodes
  • Tungsten Electrodes
Two-percent-ceriated tungsten electrodes suitable for low-current AC & DC welding jobs like orbital tube / pipe or sheet-metal manufacturing. Come in packs of 10 welding rods
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Welding Accessories
  • Welding Accessories
Steel cutting guides designed to cut pipes at 22, 45 and 90 degrees, as well as make saddle cuts. Compatible with 1-7/8 to 4-1/2 inch (O.D.) pipes
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