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Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance


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Car Dollies

Designed for moving vehicles without starting the engine; ideal for lifting up to 2500 lb. Feature heavy-duty casters allowing the vehicle to roll in any direction by placing the dollies under the wheels. Available in 8, 12 and 16 inch sizes

Tire Stacker Attachment
Item: AA3KVU
Model: M998073
$126.89 /unit
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Car Dolly Dock, Wall Mount, 150 Lbs.
Item: CD2WQC
Model: M998071
$80.00 /unit
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Car Dollies 16 x 16 Inch 6000 Lb Pack Of 4
Item: AD2BGX
Model: M998027
$437.05 /unit
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Car Dollies 8 x 16 Inch 6000 Lb Pack Of 4
Item: AD2BGV
Model: M998001
$358.29 /unit
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  • Steel 16 inch
  • Steel 16 inch

Steel 16 inch

Item (4)
Roll Around Attachment 5 Lug 12 Inch - Pack Of 2
Item: AA3KVV
Model: M998074
$213.42 /unit
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Engine Stand Axle Adapter
Item: AA3KVT
Model: M998084
$108.35 /unit
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  • Steel Bar
  • Steel Bar

Steel Bar

Item (3)
Steel 8 W x 16 L Inch
Item: AA3KVP
Model: M998046-i
$160.44 /unit
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