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Mechanix Wear offers hand protection gloves for heavy-duty applications in automobile, construction, and oil and gas industries, as well as military services. These specialised gloves are durable and offer effective resistance from cuts, fire and cold. The brand's military and tactical gloves are crafted from washable camouflage fabric and lined with TrekDry to provide maximum cooling and comfort. Choose from a wide range of these quality gloves and suspender aprons with tool holding pockets from Raptor Supplies, an authorised Mechanix Wear distributor.

  • Cold-Condition Gloves
Feature a unique MicroFinish palm coating for superior grip and defence against dropping temperatures. Also come with a fleece / 3M thinsulate lining to trap the body heat
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  • Cut-Resistant Gloves
ANSI E5 compliant, Armortex-lined gloves used for protection from cuts while handling sharp-edged tools in various maintenance and repair operations. Feature TrekDry lining for comfort and cooling
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  • Flame Retardant Gloves
Kevlar-stitched gloves designed to protect auto racers and welders from extremely high temperatures. Feature a CarbonX layer and EVA foam knuckle padding, and are offered in gauntlet and straight-cuff variants
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Products (10)
  • Mechanics Gloves
CE certified nylon gloves featuring reinforced thumb and index fingers, and form-fitting TrekDry lining for increased durability and maximum comfort. Available in foam / spandex / tricot padding
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  • Military Police and Tactical Gloves
Includes lightweight and durable gloves crafted from breathable and flexible fabrics. Offer full hand coverage and feature a spandex / foam knuckle padding and slip-on cuffs useful in providing protection during heavy combat operations
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  • Tool Belts Work Belts Aprons and Suspenders
Made up of 100 per cent ballistic nylon for abrasion resistance and durability. Feature adjustable neck and waist straps, a cut vent and large storage pockets with a hook-and-loop closure
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