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Eye Protection and Accessories

  • Prescription Insert Holders

    Polycarbonate insert holders designed to hold prescription lenses in applications that require high visibility, clarity and focus. Widely used by hazmat workers, law enforcement and military personnel and fire fighters

  • Protective Eyewear Accessories

    Includes polycarbonate replacement foam inserts and elastic replacement straps designed for use with Hornet glasses

  • Reader Eyewear

    Bifocal protective readers with clear / grey lenses that exceed ANSI Z87+ standards and provide 99.9% UV protection

  • Safety Glasses

    Includes CE EN 166:2002 marked nylon / polycarbonate safety glasses with anti-fog and scratch-resistant lenses for protection from dust, chemicals, heat and optical radiations

Gloves and Hand Protection

  • Chemical Resistant Gloves

    Nitrile / butyl gloves featuring diamond grip and straight / rolled cuff intended to provide maximum abrasion resistance and chemical protection

  • Coated Gloves

    HPT / polyurethane / bi polymer / neoprene-coated gloves capable of handling vertical force of up to 500 g. Widely used in laboratories for providing protection against chemicals

  • Leather Palm Gloves

    Kevlar / polyester / cotton gloves featuring pigskin / goatskin / cowhide leather palm for heat and abrasion resistance. Ideal for welding, lumber handling and forestry applications

  • Welding Gloves

    Abrasion- and heat-resistant welding gloves to protect the operator from welding hazards such as electrical shocks, extreme heat and harmful ultraviolet / infrared radiations. Stitched using Kevlar thread and offered in different sizes

Face Protection

  • Faceshield Assemblies

    Includes CSA-certified heat-resistant faceshield assemblies designed to protect face against debris and harmful chemical splashes. Offered in a kit containing a single / double matrix headgear and a clear acetate faceshield

  • Faceshield Replacement Visors

    Acetate visors used as replacement for broken or damaged faceshields. Suitable for protecting eyes and face against hazardous liquid splashes and other harmful components


  • Rain Hoods

    Intended for use with MCR 800 Series jackets and coats. Feature neoprene coated nylon construction, universal size and taped seam

  • Rainsuits

    PVC / polyester rainsuits used to keep workers safe and dry even in the heaviest downpours. Can fit chest sizes ranging from 38 to 60 inches. Available in different inseam lengths and sizes. Models with detachable hoods also available


  • Traffic Safety Vests

    Polyester safety vests featuring 3/4 inch lime reflective stripes for high visibility at jobsites. Also feature a hook and loop tab front closure and an elastic strap on each side

Flame Resistant and Arc Flash Clothing

  • Welding Aprons

    Designed to keep the operator safe and protected from hot metal, slag and harmful welding sparks produced while welding. Sewn with DuPont Kevlar and have front pockets to store small tools and parts

For more than 45 years, MCR Safety has been offering personal protective equipment to metal fabrication, oil & gas, and mining industries. The MCR Safety Gloves catalogue incorporates a broad range of CE EN 166:2002 marked leather (goatskin / pigskin / cowhide), multi-tasking, cut-protection, cotton, string-knit and disposable gloves. MCR Safety Ninja ice gloves are designed for frozen food packaging jobs, as well as for other cold storage and commercial fishing applications. These gloves feature an acrylic Terry liner for insulation and black HPT-coated palm and fingertips. The brand also manufactures scratch-resistant and anti-fog glasses for protection against workplace hazards such as projectiles, chemical splashes and fumes, and UV / infrared radiation. Choose from a wide range of MCR Safety glasses and other brand products on Raptor Supplies, an authorised distributor of the brand.