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Looking for an Mcm equivalent? Raptor Supplies is your source for US industrial parts, with no minimum order quantities. We are a distributor for thousands of US industrial brands, serving the UK and all countries in Europe. Our service offers either the equivalent part number or cross reference for same specification alternative.

Need international shipping? We supply and deliver to 60+ countries including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. Get a quick response from our support team.

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Our customer support team will respond within 30 minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions


Raptor Supplies has no affiliation to Mcmaster Carr nor is endorsed by them in any way. We source and supply alternatives of Mcmaster part numbers.

Order Placement

What products do you offer?

Raptor Supplies is a trusted distributor of tools and equipment, including anything as small as a pack of imperial bolts to large, bulky material handling items such as a cabinet. We offers high- quality, primarily American manufactured products across 26 major product categories. American distributors are known for being wide in terms of the breadth of products offered and offering all the options of a particular item to suit your specific application or requirement. We distribute a variety of catalogues for industrial supplies including, tubing & fittings, nuts, metals, flow & level controls, plumbing & filtering systems, pressure & temperature controls, material handling, electrical lighting and power transmission tools.

One major benefit of the catalogue is that they offer products / parts not available from other industrial suppliers. This is particularly the case with Fasteners (screws / bolts), which are offered in both Imperial and Metric versions.

How do I place an order?

Once you have received our formal quotation, you can i) send a Purchase Order that reflects the pricing offered or ii) simply respond via Phone / Email that you wish to proceed with the quote offered. Raptor Supplies will then send you a Proforma Invoice for payment or offer you NET30 payment terms for eligible businesses.

Do you sell to individuals?

Raptor Supplies is a business to business company that sells primarily to business customers who value our service offering. If you are an individual interested in receiving a quote, we entertain such requests on a case by case basis. We understand the appeal of the paper catalogue to individuals around the world, but we are geared to serving the needs of business customers.

I received my order but there is no mention of the brand on the item?

Most customers don’t realize that some brands are industrial parts distributors rather than manufacturers. They have built a comprehensive industrial parts catalogue of quality American manufacturers as well as offer some premier European and Japanese. So if you ordered a packet of bolts, it may come in a packet with a brand logo you expected. But if it’s a pressure gauge, it will have been manufactured by another Company with their branding on the item. Don’t get alarmed if that is the case!

Do you offer Mcm equivalents?

If you have an item that you need a comparable specification for but not necessarily the exact part number, we can help. As already mentioned, they are not a manufacturer but a great distributor. So if you need a similar item, just let us know and we will offer another American brand product with the same specifications.

What documents can you provide?

We offer a number of documents, including Certificates of Conformity, Lot Traceability and Material Test Certificates. For some items such as meters, we include Calibration Certificates to the extent they are included in the product itself. If you need any certificates, please indicate them at the time of order placement. Any requests for certificates after the shipment of orders cannot be entertained.

What products do we not sell?

There are a number of products that we don’t offer, including magnetic items, certain greases / fluids and items longer than 7- 8 feet in length. Magnetic items such as rare earth or ceramic magnets can interfere with aircraft instrumentation so are not offered. Greases or fluids that are classified as hazardous for air transport are also not available for sale. To check if we can offer a grease or fluid item, check the MSDS for the product. If Section 14 of the document under the IATA section lists “Not Regulated for Transport”, then we can offer a quote. Long items greater than 7 – 8 feet in length are problematic as couriers cannot ship these lengths and would then require shipment via air freight.

Do I need to provide just the Mcm part code to get a quote?

Yes, just provide the part number(s) to us. Client sometimes sends us invalid part numbers; this is normally a case where a ‘5’ and ‘S’ is interchanged or an ‘O’ is mixed up for a ‘0’. Just double- check the part numbers before you ask for the quote!

There are some instances when providing just the correct Mcm part number isn’t sufficient to quote a specific product. 1) When an item is sold in different colours. A bin may have a specific part number but come in several colours. In that case, provide not just the part number but also list the colour required. 2) pressure gauges are another area where providing the Mcm number is not enough. The required pressure range will also need to be mentioned so that the correct model is offered. 3) Items such as electrical wire and railings will have a single part number but offered in various pre-determined lengths. When requesting a quote for these items, be sure to mention the length required.


Where do you offer delivery?

We offer delivery of Mcm equivalents to customers in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Local delivery is offered to customers in the United Kingdom, European Union and Singapore, which means the price in our quote is all you pay, we take care of any customs clearance charges. Where delivery terms are DAP, we will ship products ship to your doorstep but any customs clearance charges are for the account of the customer

Customers in OFAC listed countries will not be entertained as we follow all US laws and regulations related to export controls on US-manufactured items. We also reserve the right to request end-user destination information prior to the fulfilment of any order.

Does Raptor Supplies provide international shipping?

We offer Mcm equivalents for your help & guidance, in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Local delivery is offered to customers in the United Kingdom, European Union and Singapore.

What shipment options do I have?

Orders in countries where we offer local delivery are generally delivered via TNT or local post (Royal Mail, Post NL, Singpost), depending on the weight and value of the order. For bulkier / heavier shipments, we offer both air and sea freight options. When you request a quote, let us know what freight method you want to be quoted (particularly if heavy items).

Customers also have the option of shipping their order with their own UPS / DHL / FedEx account. Simply indicate this at the time of order placement and your order will be amended.

I need something urgently? How fast can you deliver?

Our standard delivery timeframe for orders delivered via courier is 1 week. We do offer express shipping options that can deliver orders to customers in the United Kingdom, Europe and Singapore within 3 – 4 days. Alternatively, we offer pickup from our US warehouse within 1 day from order placement.

Please be aware, express shipment options are not available for any bulky orders due to the current supply constraints on air freight. Any order shipped via air freight will take up to two weeks to deliver.

What is your return / cancellation policy?

You can cancel any order prior to shipment for a full refund. Orders once shipped cannot be returned unless items have been damaged in transit or the incorrect item was delivered. For those customers who need assurance they have ordered the correct item, we can offer pictures of items ordered prior to shipment. Please request this at order placement, if necessary.

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