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Machining Supplies

  • Coatings and Wrap

    309 / 321 stainless-steel wraps used to protect tools from chromium-carbide precipitates, oxides and scales during heat treatment jobs. Can bear temperatures up to 2100 degrees F

  • Shim Stock

    Annealed / fully hardened shim rolls suitable for sealing joints and adjusting spring-valve pressure, as well as for creating spaces on motors, pumps or generators. Available in a thickness range of 0.025 - 0.787 mm

  • Shim Stock Assortments

    Slotted-shim kits used for aligning and levelling equipment in assembly lines without dismantling the rotary shaft components or motor mounts. Come packed in a sturdy latching metal box comprising 52 / 80 / 130 / 260 shims

  • Slotted Shim Stock

    Ideal for mounting and levelling small / fractional horsepower motors, gages and light-duty plant machineries. Feature electro-etched markings for identification and in-built tabs for better handling



  • Fully Threaded Studs

    B7 alloy-steel studs capable of providing tensile strength up to 125000 psi for fastening applications in electrical or fabrication jobs. Feature a fluoropolymer coating to prevent galling or seizing and come equipped with 2H hex nuts

With over 70 years of experience, Maudlin manufactures a complete line of fully threaded studs, coatings, wraps and shim products, such as slotted shim stock, shim stock and shim stock assortments. Maudlin shim kits come in a sturdy metal box and are used to align and level equipment. These slotted shim kits contain a shim removal tool, dividers and a shim lock. The company also offers threaded studs used in repairing work to secure parts together. These studs are widely used in automotive, manufacturing and construction industries. Maudlin's stainless-steel wrap shields the surface of tools and provides protection from decarburisation and decolourisation during heat treatment process.