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  • Soldering Accessories

    Includes protective caps, soldering adapters, torch heads, heat shrink attachments, tool holders, straps, cutter wheel tips and soldering iron tip cleaners designed to enhance the capabilities of Master Appliance soldering irons

  • Soldering Irons Guns and Pots

    Butane-powered / self-igniting pen-sized tools used for soldering light sheet-metal, stained glass assembly and durable electrical connections

  • Soldering Kits

    Includes butane-powered, high-performance soldering kits used for removing surface mount components, soldering and desoldering, repairing vinyl, spot drying and cutting materials. Feature thick iron and chrome plating for high thermal conductivity and soldering temperatures up to 932 F.

  • Soldering Tips

    Copper soldering tips featuring high thermal conductivity and an angle range of 35 - 45 degrees. Available in bent / chisel / conical / cylindrical variants and different overall diameters

Gas Welding Equipment

  • Butane Torches

    Suitable for brazing, plumbing and soldering projects. Feature a built-in self-igniting system with a safety lock, a refillable plastic / metal fuel tank and an adjustable broad / pinpoint flame

  • Torch and Torch Kits

    Includes table-top butane-powered microtorches with heavy base designed for hands-free bench top use. Feature a built-in self-igniting system, safety lock, pinpoint flame and large tank capacity. Triggertorches and ultratorches in different palm sizes and soldering iron types also available

Adhesives Sealants and Tape

Dispensing Guns

  • Glue Gun Accessories

    Include glue gun canisters featuring triple-refined formula to avoid clogging of filters, and glue gun tips for use with the PortaPro glue guns

  • Glue Guns

    Lightweight butane-powered / cordless glue guns ideal for bonding chipboards, plastics, textile and woods. Feature an easy one-touch piezo ignition and can run for 140 mins. Available in different operating temperatures, tool lengths and variable settings for use on heat-sensitive materials

Glues and Cements

  • Hot Melt Adhesives

    Carton-closing / general-purpose / woodworking glue sticks to bond a variety of metals, glass, ceramics, rubbers, woods and plastics. Made up of solid, thermoplastic resin and set quickly


Wire Connectors

  • Splice Connectors

    Multiseal butt splice connectors with 900-volt directional strength and colour-coded tubing with wire gauge imprint for easy identification

  • Wire Connector Kits

    Proseal connector assortment kits comprising a heat shrink tubing for better insulation, 89 psi tensile strength and sealed electrical systems to ensure the integrity of wire connections. Multiseal and Solderseal wire connector kits also available

Wire Management

  • Shrink Tubing

    Heat-resistant and colour-coded heat shrink tubing used to ensure proper electrical insulation and protection of wires, cables and connectors against dust, water and chemicals. Can operate at temperatures ranging from -67 to 275 degrees F

Power Tools

Heat Guns and Accessories

  • Heat Gun Accessories

    Bench top stands, shrink wire connectors, plastic welding tips, nozzle guards, storage cases, shrink tubing and heat gun element kits used for repair and maintenance of heat guns

  • Heat Guns

    Can emit hot air stream of up to 1000 degrees F and ideal for stripping paints, shrinking films / tubing, welding / bending plastics, thawing frozen pipes and drying out damp woods

Hand Tools

Crimping Tools

  • Cable and Wire Crimping Tools

    High-quality cable crimping tools used to conjoin two pieces of electrical or metal components by deforming, stripping and bending. Feature a cushioned handle for tight grip and heat-treated steel construction for rigidity


Replacement Parts

  • Parts

    Includes heating elements, nozzle shields, armatures, heat gun stands, mica insulation, tapered needle soldering tips, rocker switches, nozzle screws, blower wheels and power cords to fit Master heat guns and Master Varitemp heat guns

Master Appliance is a leading manufacturer of heat tools for use in automotive, aerospace and construction industries. The company’s product catalogue includes heat guns, plastic welding kits, butane tools, heat shrink tubing and crimp tools. Master Appliance butane torches are ideal for soldering, plumbing, brazing and heat shrinking applications. They feature a built-in self-igniting system with a safety lock and an adjustable board or pinpoint flame. The brand’s heat guns are widely used for stripping paints, activating adhesives, bending plastics, thawing frozen pipes and removing dents. These heavy-duty Master Appliance heat guns can emit hot air streams of up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. They are available in different voltages, temperature ranges and motor types. Choose from an extensive range of heat guns, cable and wire crimping tools, shrink tubing, hot metal adhesives and soldering tips on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Master Appliance distributor.