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Material Handling

Mounts and Vibration Control

  • Floor Mount Vibration Isolators

    Used with pumps, compressors, transformers and other vibrating machines to reduce noise and vibrations to increase performance. Seismic and wind vibration isolators for seismic zones also available

  • Hanger Mount Vibration Isolators

    Spring and neoprene isolators featuring rubber brushing to reduce noise and vibration transmission into a surface or a structure from piping, ductwork and suspended equipment running at over 1000 rpm

  • Vibration Isolator Pads

    Vibration isolation pads and machine levelling mounts with non-skid surface for use in workshops and laboratories to level and protect machines from minor vibrations and shocks without bolting

Mason Industries, for the past 60 years, has been a leading manufacturer of vibration isolation products. The company offers a wide range of vibration isolators and vibration isolation pads to protect structures, machines or complete buildings from heavy vibrations caused by industrial hammers, power plants, heavy motorised vehicles or industrial machines. Mason vibration isolators are available in hanger mount and floor mount variants and used to prevent noise and vibration transmission between a surface and a machine. To protect the machine from vibration without bolting it down, Mason vibration isolation pads are an ideal choice. These pads offer high traction and have high-load bearing capacity. Choose from a wide range of these Mason vibration isolators and isolation pads on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Mason Industries distributors.