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Definite Purpose AC Motors

  • 50 Hz Motors

    CSA-certified three-phase open drip-proof motors that operate on 50 hz power, ideal for use on variable frequency drives. Have a C-face footed design and Class F insulation on motor windings

  • Air Compressor Motors

    Single-phase, open drip-proof motors featuring high torque design, rigid base and steel framing. Can create 3600 revolutions per minute and ideal for compressor duty applications

  • Cooling Tower Motors

    Designed for applications in air-cooled condensers and heat exchangers, as well as in dry and wet cooling towers. Available in 50 / 60 hz variants and different hp ratings

  • Definite Purpose Motors

    Continuous-duty motors ideal for applications in air compressors, cranes, power tools and livestock direct drive fans. Available in TEFC / DP / OPAO enclosure variants

  • Farm Duty Motors

    Intended for use in machinery (e.g. barn cleaners, silo unloaders and bunk feeders) where high starting torque is required. Available in different mounting options, enclosures and finish options

  • Hazardous Location Motors

    Heavy-duty explosion-proof and hazardous location Marathon electric motors featuring a rolled-steel / cast iron frame for reduced vibration and maximum rigidity. NEC compliant and ideal for use with PWM drives for Groups C and D in Class 1 and Groups F and G in Class 2

  • Instant Reverse Motors

    Heavy duty motors with a rugged steel construction and TEFC / TENV / ODP enclosure; ideal for use in harsh industrial environments

  • Kiln Motors

    Includes energy efficient and NEMA Premium rated Marathon motors extensively used in dry kiln and other high-temperature environments. Can efficiently operate at up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Vector Motors

    Feature MAX GUARD insulation system, NEMA Design A and aluminium / rolled steel / cast iron construction. Designed in compliance with UL and CSA standards, and are ideal for VFD applications requiring full torque at zero speed

  • Washdown Motors

    Ideal for applications that require high-pressure steam and chemical sterilisations, and cleaning with concentrated caustic solutions. Available in epoxy-coated steel frame and TEFC / TENV enclosures

Pump Motors

  • Carbonator Pump Motors

    Ideal for use in carbonated drink and beverage dispensers and hub-mounted pump applications. Feature ball / sleeve bearings, a threaded conduit hole and a slotted shaft

  • Close-Coupled Pump Motors

    Includes JM and JP shaft Marathon electric pump motors in TEFC and open dip proof enclosures. Available in standard F1 and reversible to F2 assembly options in the hp range of 1 - 50

  • Fire Pump Motors

    CE approved and CSA certified 50 / 60 hz motors designed to power fire sprinkler systems. Available in different RPMs and overall lengths

  • Jet Pump Motors

    Continuous-duty motors featuring shaft slingers, gasketed conduit boxes and ODP / TEFC enclosures. Commonly used to power various commercial and industrial pumps

  • Vertical Pump Motors

    Standard / NEMA Premium vertical pump motors featuring cast iron / rolled steel frame and B / F Class insulation. Available in 50 and 60 hz variants and ideal for use in turbines, centrifugal pumps, sump pumps and propeller pumps

HVAC Motors

  • Belt Drive Motors

    Includes B / F Insulation Class motors that drive a belt on a pulley to power fans and blowers in HVAC systems. Available in different frames and hp ratings

  • Condenser Fan Motors

    UL-listed and CSA-certified Marathon HVAC motors designed to blow air across the condenser coil to cool the refrigerant and convert hot gas into liquid

  • Direct Drive Blower Motors

    UL and CSA complaint motors intended for use in shaft-mounted fans and blowers. Available in different body diameters and hp ratings

  • OEM Replacement Motors

    Includes 3-phase / permanent split capacitor direct drive motors featuring ball bearing rotation and a rigid mounting base

General Purpose AC Motors

  • AC Motors

    Includes NEMA Premium labelled continuous and inverter duty fire pump, blower / fan, farm duty, pressure washer and air compressor motors in totally enclosed fan-cooled, dip proof and open dip proof enclosures

  • Brake Motors

    Widely used in applications where rapid and precise braking, and high braking load is required. Available in rolled steel / aluminium frames, TEFC / TENV enclosures and different hp ratings

  • Metric Three Phase Motors

    High-performance motors with a cast iron / aluminium construction, steel fan covers and low-noise fans. Intended for use in equipment (like conveyors, pumps and compressors) requiring IEC dimensions and electrical standards

DC Motors

  • DC Permanent Magnet Motors

    Commonly used in material-handling systems, power tools, machine tools and robotics. Feature a TEFC or TENV motor enclosure design and are offered in different insulation classes, frames and hp ratings

Material Handling

Casters and Wheels

  • Caster Accessories

    Includes high-quality precision bearings made of hardened steel. Come in a pack of 2 pieces. Available in different diameters for various applications with heavy-duty loads

Marathon Electric, a part of Regal Beloit Corporation, is a leading manufacturer of UL- and CSA-compliant motors and power generation products for applications in automotive, food and beverage, marine, and oil & gas industries. The Marathon Electric Motors catalogue incorporates different motor types under the General-Purpose AC Motor, Compressor Motor, HVAC Motor, Washdown Motor, Brake Motor, 50 Hz Motor, Vector Motor and Pump Motor categories.
Marathon's general-purpose AC motors are available in single- and three-phase power versions for light and heavy load applications, respectively. Its hazardous location motors are designed in compliance with the National Electrical Code for hazardous locations, and are available in different frame options and voltage specifications. Marathon compressor motors are also offered 1, 3 and 5 hp variants, with rotational frequencies ranging between 1700 and 3600 rpm.
Raptor Supplies UK, one of the authorised Marathon Electric motor distributors, offers a wide range of Marathon motors in different enclosures, mounting styles, shaft diameters and lengths, voltage, hertz and horsepower. These are used in air conditioning, refrigeration, pumps, indoor or outdoor machinery, and hazardous locations.