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Madison has been manufacturing a wide variety of liquid level sensing products since 1959. The company's product catalogue includes switches, floats, indicators and sensors in different body and float materials. These products are widely used in food & beverage, chemical, paint and oil industries. Madison float switches are used to measure liquid levels using sensors with an electrical contact output. These switches are also available in optical sensor and conductivity sensor variants that can withstand extreme temperatures, pressures and vibrations. Liquid level switches by Madison feature a high-level alarm and are used in various liquid control systems to prevent spill and overflow of fluids. The brand's tape level indicators use a magnetic float to read the level of liquid and are widely used in drums and storage tanks.

Contact Level Sensors
  • Contact Level Sensors
Continuous level transducers comprising an SS stem with a polypropylene float to detect the fluid levels and a magnetically coupled dry-reed switch capable of providing more than 5 million cycles. Can withstand pressures up to 100 psig
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Float Switches
  • Float Switches
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Liquid Level Switches
  • Liquid Level Switches
Point-level float switches featuring reed switch technology to externally control an alarm or an ON / OFF switch and field-adjustable stem lengths (on selected models) for using just one sensor in multiple drums. Available in close-on-rise & open-on-rise configurations
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Noncontact Level Sensors
  • Noncontact Level Sensors
Continuous-level ultrasonic sensors providing non-contact fluid level measurement of semi-solid, viscous & corrosive media in close / open channel flows. Feature a self-cleaning sensor face with the capacity to filter out false echoes & a temperature compensated signal for better accuracy
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Tape Level Indicators
  • Tape Level Indicators
Designed for determining the liquid levels in remote and mobile vessels or tanks without requiring electric power. Can withstand max pressure & temperature of 200 psi & 200 degrees C, respectively
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