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  • Alternating Relays

    SPDT and DPDT cross-wired alternating relays suitable for applications in pumps, motors and air compressors. Feature an LED indicator that shows the next load to energise, and a selector switch to alternate the two loads or always operate the same load first each time

  • Current Sensor Relays

    Ideal for applications requiring over- or under-current protection of sensitive equipment, such as monitoring status of lamp loads or heaters and detecting conveyor jam-up conditions. Feature encapsulated construction ensuring protection against harsh environments

  • Relay Sockets

    10 A relay sockets featuring an 8- / 11-pin socket capable of delivering a maximum input voltage of 600 V when establishing an electrical connection between relays and circuits

  • Safety Monitoring Relays

    One- and four-channel intrinsically safe barrier relays designed to protect field circuits from excess voltage and current. Can be easily mounted on a 35 mm DIN-rail or panel-mounted with two #8 screws

  • Solid State Timer Relays

    Seven- and nine-pin surface-mounted encapsulated timing relays designed to perform multiple functions, including on-delay, interval-on, off-delay and single-shot. Feature a contact ampere rating of 10 A and SPDT contact form

  • Time Delay Relays

    Designed to start or stop current from moving in coils, circuits or armatures. Feature 10 / 15 A contact ampere rating and SPDT / DPDT contact form

  • Voltage Sensor Relays

    Used to protect 120 / 240 VAC equipment against over- or under-voltage conditions using high-performance voltage sensor relays


  • Electronic Timers

    120 VAC timers used for switching lights or starting industrial machines at the preset time slots. Feature DPDT / SPDT contact forms that trigger by the closing and opening of a signal


  • Fuse Covers

    Used for protection of both equipment and operator from circuit overloading. Feature a clip with a threaded hole eliminating the additional requirement of nuts or washers and provide a tightening torque of 8 in-lb

HVAC and Refrigeration

HVAC Controls

  • Water Level Controls

    Intended to detect and control the level of conductive liquids, including tap water, seawater, sewage and chemical solutions, in single-probe pump-up or pump-down applications


Replacement Parts

  • Parts

    Includes high quality hold down springs designed for use with 35 mm DIN-rail / panel-mounted Macromatic time delay relay sockets