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Macromatic manufactures industrial relays and controls for applications in HVAC, food & beverage, and material handling applications, as well as in car wash systems, lifts and elevators, and packaging equipment. The company's product line includes percentage timers and relays, such as current sensing, alternating, time delay, seal leak and voltage monitor relays. The 8-pin alternating relays manufactured by Macromatic are ideal for applications where optimisation of load usage is required, which can be done by balancing the run time of multiple loads. These Macromatic relays feature DPDT cross-wired / SPDT contact form, octal base and an LED which indicates next load to energise. The company also offers RoHS-compliant time delay relays (also known as timing relays or timers) for controlling time-based events. These 10 / 15 A rated Macromatic time delay relays feature DIN mount or socket connection type, silver alloy / silver nickel contacts and SPDT / DPDT contact form.
Choose from a wide range of these relays and other brand products such as water level controls and relay sockets, on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Macromatic distributors.

  • Alternating Relays
SPDT and DPDT cross-wired alternating relays suitable for applications in pumps, motors and air compressors. Feature an LED indicator that shows the next load to energise, and a selector switch to alternate the two loads or always operate the same load first each time
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  • Current Sensor Relays
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  • Electronic Timers
Products (5)
  • Fuse Covers
Products (2)
  • Parts
Includes high quality hold down springs designed for use with 35 mm DIN-rail / panel-mounted Macromatic time delay relay sockets
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Products (1)
  • Relay Sockets
Used to provide an electrical interface between the relay and the circuit. Includes 8- / 11-pin relay sockets having a maximum input voltage rating of 600 VAC
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Products (5)
  • Safety Monitoring Relays
One- and four-channel intrinsically safe barrier relays designed to protect field circuits from excess voltage and current. Can be easily mounted on a 35 mm DIN-rail or panel-mounted with two #8 screws
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Products (3)
  • Solid State Timer Relays
Seven- and nine-pin surface-mounted encapsulated timing relays designed to perform multiple functions, including on-delay, interval-on, off-delay and single-shot. Feature a contact ampere rating of 10 A and SPDT contact form
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Products (3)
  • Time Delay Relays
Designed to start or stop current from moving in coils, circuits or armatures. Feature 10 / 15 A contact ampere rating and SPDT / DPDT contact form
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  • Voltage Sensor Relays
Used to protect 120 / 240 VAC equipment against over- or under-voltage conditions using high-performance voltage sensor relays
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  • Water Level Controls
Intended to detect and control the level of conductive liquids, including tap water, seawater, sewage and chemical solutions, in single-probe pump-up or pump-down applications
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