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Power Transmission

Couplings Collars and Adapters

  • Jaw Coupling Hubs

    Includes a wide range of L, AL, LH, C, LC, SS and RRS types of jaw coupling hubs. Choose from iron, stainless steel and aluminium variants available in different dimensions

  • Jaw Coupling Spiders

    Includes different types of L-, AL- and LC-type jaw coupling spiders in rubber, urethane, polyurethane, Hytrel and bronze variants

  • Motion Control Couplings

    Includes a wide range of Lovejoy couplings, such as bellows, mini disc, double beam, oldham and single beam couplings, in aluminium, polyacetal and stainless-steel variants

  • Universal Joint Boots

    Upper and lower boot types designed to increase the durability of universal joints by ensuring proper lubrication and protecting them from contaminants. Easy to install and can be replaced in minutes

  • Universal Joints

    Includes a wide range of solid and bored D- and DD-type universal joints used to transmit rotary motion from one linked shaft to another. Available in different overall lengths and outside diameters


Hydraulic System Components

  • Hydraulic Reservoir Tanks

    Lightweight and stackable reservoir tanks featuring a flexible design and aluminium construction. Have high heat dissipation and do not require painting or priming

  • Reservoir Accessories

    Includes jaw-in-shear rings, spacer assemblies, C-type cushions, leg kits, seal kits and tank lid kits in different dimensions for efficient fluid power transmission applications

Oil Coolers

  • Water Cooled Oil Coolers

    Designed to cool hydraulic fluids using shell and tube technology. Have a rugged design, removable end caps and low pressure drop, and are offered in different heights, widths and depths

Lovejoy is a leading manufacturer of power transmission devices, rubber suspensions and hydraulic components. Its product catalogue includes motion control couplings and coupling hubs, jaw couplings, universal joints, water-cooled oil coolers, reservoir tanks, chain and belt tensioners and related accessories. Lovejoy jaw coupling is used in motion control applications, and comprises two hubs and an elastomer element, known as a spider, which is offered in NBR SOX rubber / urethane / Hytrel / bronze material options. Choose from a wide range of Lovejoy coupling spiders and single- / double-beam, mini disc and oldham couplings on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Lovejoy couplings distributors.