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Material Handling

Ladders Platforms and Scaffolding

  • Attic Ladders

    ANSI-compliant wood and aluminium attic ladders used to provide easy access to small attics and various storage areas. Have a maximum load capacity of 375 lb and can fit ceiling heights ranging from 7 to 12 feet

  • Extension Ladders

    Heavy-duty I-beam ladders featuring extended rails that can slide and elongate to increase length of the ladders. Meet ANSI-standards and have a maximum load capacity of 375 lb

  • Fixed Ladders

    ANSI-rated 16 ft. aluminium shelf ladders with a load capacity of 300 lb. Permanently fixed to walls or climbing structures to ensure safe and stable climbing

  • Ladder Accessories

    Includes ladder end caps and levellers used to provide increased ladder stability and ensure worker safety. Prevent lateral movement and sliding of ladders

  • Platform Stepladders

    ANSI- and OSHA-rated aluminium and fibreglass ladders featuring a broad, slip-resistant platform and SHOX impact absorption system. Widely used by painters, electricians and carpenters

  • Rolling Ladders

    Unassembled fibreglass / steel mobile ladders with a maximum load capacity of 300 lb. Feature a foot-operated safety lock to avoid accidents or injuries and are widely used in stockrooms and warehouses

  • Scaffolding

    ANSI- and OSHA- rated stationary and rolling steel scaffolds with a maximum load capacity of 1000 lb. Have a large surface with supporting bracing that provides a stable platform to stand and perform jobs at heights

  • Scaffolding and Platform Accessories

    Includes aluminium scaffold planks and steel extension kits used to optimise and extend the height of scaffolds

  • Scaffolding Stages

    ANSI- and OSHA-compliant scaffolding stages featuring twist-proof construction and slip-resistant decking. Ideal for ladder jack applications or putting up swing stages and catwalks. Available in one-person, two-person and three-person variants

  • Step Stools

    Aluminium and fibreglass portable stools with slip-resistant rubber feet. Available in a foldable, step stand and twin front ladder variants

  • Stepladders

    Single- / double-sided aluminium and fibreglass step ladders featuring rubber clad feet and slip-resistant steps for ladder stability and to prevent unnecessary movement of the ladder. Have a maximum load capacity of 375 lb

  • Straight Ladders

    OSHA- and ANSI-compliant aluminium and fibreglass straight ladders with slip-resistant rubber pads for maximum stability in storage tanks, manholes and trailers

Hand Tools

Hand Saws and Sawhorses

  • Sawhorses and Work Stands

    Sturdy aluminium sawhorse step stools with broad double braced steps. Have slip-resistant safety feet that provide better leveled stability and prevent unnecessary stool movement

Louisville Ladder Inc. is a global leader in the manufacturing of commercial ladders, scaffolding stages and fall protection equipment. The Louisville Ladder catalogue includes step ladders, platform ladders, extension ladders, straight ladders, attic ladders, rolling ladders and fixed ladders in different sizes and load-bearing capacities. These ladders follow ANSI, CSA and OSHA standards to ensure employee safety and are manufactured from fibreglass, wood and aluminium for maximum strength and durability. Louisville attic ladder provides access to small attics or storage areas and has grooved steps to prevent slipping while climbing up or down. The extension ladder by Louisville offers extended reach with its sliding and extendable rails and is available in different working lengths and load-bearing capacities. Louisville platform ladders have a slip-resistant platform on top that enables the workers to stay-up firmly while working and are widely used by painters, electricians and carpenters. Choose from a wide range of these quality ladders and other fall protection equipment, such as step stools, scaffoldings, work stands, planks and stages, on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Louisville Ladder distributor.