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Little Giant Pumps offers a complete range of submersible and in-line water pumps for wastewater, HVAC and other industrial pumping applications. The company's Wastewater Pumps range includes sewage pumps, utility pumps, sump pumps, effluent pumps and grinder pumps. The manual and automatic Little Giant sewage pumps are available in the 4 / 10 - 2 horsepower range and multiple switch options for various effluent and wastewater transfer needs. Little Giant sump pumps are used in removing standing water from sump basins and can also be used in other dewatering and water transfer applications. The company also manufactures a variety of magnetic drive pumps, industrial utility pumps and small submersible pumps. For heavy operations involving condensate removal from dehumidifiers, air conditioners, gas furnaces and condensing boilers, UL / CSA listed Little Giant condensate pumps are an ideal choice as they feature thermally protected motor to prevent overheating which can lead to motor failure.

  • Chemical Transfer Magnetic Drive Pumps
Includes various leak-proof Little Giant magnetic drive pumps used in the circulation of chemicals and solvents. Feature an open-fan motor with thermal overload protection
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Products (58)
  • Chemical-Resistant C-Face Pump Heads
Pump heads for magnetic drive pumps, ideal for use with corrosive chemicals. Available with or without motor
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Products (14)
  • Chemical-Resistant Pumps
Includes various continuous and intermittent centrifugal pumps in different current ratings, materials, hp ratings and flow rates
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Products (5)
  • Circulator Pump Accessories
Coil cleaning kits comprising a 5-gallon polyethylene tank, a cover, a baffle, a 1/30 hp magnet-driven pump with mounting bracket and the required tubing. Used for cleaning, deliming, and descaling of coils
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Products (1)
  • Condensate Pump Accessories
Includes a variety of condensate pump parts, such as check valves and tubing, in different inside and outside diameters
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Products (7)
  • Condensate Pumps
Used in removing condensate from HVAC systems, feature a thermal overload protected motor. Available in different power and current ratings
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Products (31)
  • Coolant Tanks
Includes various machine coolant tank systems used with drill presses, tool grinders, tapping machines, cut-off saws and lathes. Available in different flow rates, and current and hp ratings
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Products (9)
  • Effluent Pumps
Includes a variety of submersible effluent pumps and wastewater removal pumps in different power and current ratings, materials and flow rates
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Products (91)
  • Electric Sprayer Pumps
Non-submersible, high-pressure speciality pumps featuring a nylon pump head, a Ryton impeller, a carbon / ceramic shaft seal and a double-insulated motor. Used in carpet cleaning and pressure washing
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Products (1)
  • Flexible Impeller Pedestal Pumps
Nickel-plated utility pumps featuring a totally enclosed non-ventilated motor, a stainless steel shaft, a Buna-N impeller and a seal. Used in instant water transfer and dewatering applications (up to 6 ft)
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Products (1)
  • Float Switches
Direct-acting and in-line control switches used to control various effluent, sump and sewage pumps. Include a float, a cord with a plug, a mounting strap and two adjustable mounting clamps. Available in auxiliary condensate, auxiliary safety and diaphragm variants
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Products (9)
  • Grinder Pumps
Products (18)
  • High Head Effluent Pumps
CSA-listed pumps with a submersible motor and a built-in check valve used in wastewater and effluent transfer. Feature a permanent split capacitor motor with stainless-steel shafts
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Products (3)
  • Ice Machine Pumps
CSA-recognised universal ice machine pumps featuring a 1/25 hp motor with thermal overload protection and a stainless-steel shaft. Have NSF-listed ABS volute, base and discharge adapters
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Products (1)
  • Jet Pump Systems
Products (10)
  • Machine Tool Pumps
UR-listed coolant pumps used in evaporative coolers, laboratories and various water transfer applications. Feature a corrosion-resistant one-piece steel motor shaft with moisture proof windings and a flame-retardant housing
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Products (6)
  • Parts
Includes a wide range of Little Giant pump parts, such as volutes, relays, impellers, adapters, sensors and repairing kits for various pumps
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Products (63)
  • Parts Washer Pump
Includes a wide range of submersible parts washer pumps with corrosion-resistant housings. Available in different voltage and hp ratings
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Products (5)
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