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With over 100 years of experience, Little Giant has been manufacturing a comprehensive line of industrial-grade material handling and industrial storage products. The Little Giant catalogue of products includes carts, workbenches, trucks, lockers, cabinets, shelving, boxes and spill pallets and containment units. Little Giant workbench is made with an all-welded, powder-coated steel frame for application in different corrosive environments. The Little Giant Carts and Trucks category includes a variety of heavy-duty instrument carts, stock carts, platform trucks, panel trucks, security carts, wagon trucks, hand trucks, mobile bin carts and tilt trucks. Little Giant wagon trucks have a highly durable and fully welded construction for extra strength and are ideal for transporting loads of varying sizes. Little Giant hand trucks feature an easy-rolling manoeuvrability, making it ideal for easy and quick transport of heavy items and machinery.

  • Bar and Pipe Trucks
Used to transport round bars and metal pipes in warehouses and manufacturing units. Feature an all-welded construction and offered in different sizes and configurations
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Products (12)
  • Box Trucks
Mesh / raised platform / security / 3-sided box trucks ideal for bulk storage and transportation applications. Feature mold-on rubber or non-marking polyurethane casters and have a maximum load holding capacity of 3600 lb
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Products (36)
  • Bulk Storage Lockers
Storage lockers and cabinet shelves featuring an all-welded / assembled steel construction with corrosion-resistant powder-coated finish. Have a ventilated door with a padlock hasp lock and are ideal for storing large items
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Products (56)
  • Bulk Storage Racks
Freestanding vertical bar racks and sheet storage racks used to organise and store various industrial supplies. Have a maximum storage capacity of 4000 lb
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Products (5)
  • Cabinet Benches
Provide a stable work surface along with storage space to keep tools and other supplies. Have durable steel construction with powder-coated finish and offered in different sizes
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Products (10)
  • Cylinder Cabinets
OSHA-compliant gas cylinder racks with a fully welded 12-gauge steel construction. Can store up to 12 cylinders horizontally and ideal for storing compressed gas / propane cylinders
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Products (2)
  • Cylinder Caddies
Steel gas pallets with corrosion-resistant powder-coated finish ideal for storing and transporting heavy gas cylinders. Feature a maximum load capacity of 1000 lb and can store up to 8 cylinders
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Products (3)
  • Cylinder Hand Trucks
Steel hand trucks used to store and transport single or multiple cylinders safely. Have a maximum load holding capacity of 800 lb and available in dial and continuous handle variants
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Products (4)
  • Dollies
Steel pallet dollies used to transport large storage containers and heavy equipment in warehouses and garages. Available in different platform widths with a maximum load holding capacity of 3600 lb
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Products (6)
  • Drum Dispensing and Containment Systems
EPA- and OSHA-compliant heavy-gauge steel spill control platforms with drum racks for easy spill control and containment. Used to position drums for easy dispensing and offered in single- and double-drum units with 33 and 66 gallon spill capacities, respectively
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Products (2)
  • Garden Carts
All-welded steel carts used to move heavy industrial equipment, parts and storage containers. Feature mold-on rubber / pneumatic / polyurethane casters and can handle loads up to 2000 lb
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Products (8)
  • General Purpose Hand Trucks
Steel hand trucks with a powder-coated finish used to lift and transport various industrial supplies. Have a load capacity of 800 lb and available in different handle types
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Products (11)
  • IBC and Tank Spill Containment
EPA-compliant heavy-duty steel dispensing and containment units featuring a drain plug and grounding screw. Have maximum load and spill capacities of 10000 lb and 400 gallons, respectively
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Products (2)
  • Instrument Carts
Electrically wired, flush-handle, welded low deck and welded utility carts used to transport delicate equipment and sensitive devices. Feature a durable and non-conductive work surface
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Products (58)
  • Jobsite Boxes
Heavy-duty lockable steel storage units featuring a 3-point manual door latch to prevent accidental opening. Feature solid rubber tires with 10 inch diameter for easy rolling over rough surfaces
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Products (12)
  • Metal Utility Carts
Durable steel carts featuring all-welded construction with a durable powder-coated finish. Have a recessed surface to hold items in place, and available in cushion load, deep shelf, raised platform and low deck variants
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Products (96)
  • Mobile Bin Carts
Used to store and transport industrial supplies, tools and parts. Feature an all-welded, 12-gauge steel construction and high impact polystyrene trays
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Products (4)
  • Mobile Workstations
Steel-made multi-tier carts with open shelving and rolling desks featuring a maximum load holding capacity of 1200 lb. Feature polyurethane casters, a pegboard and 2 storage drawers
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Products (1)
  • Order Picking Carts
Two-, three- and five-shelf carts featuring all-welded 12-gauge steel construction and phenolic / polyurethane casters. Available in 1200 and 3600 lb load capacity variants
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Products (22)
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