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Sockets and BitsView all

  • Crowfoot Socket Wrenches

    Suitable for working on inner tie rods with inaccessible wrench flats. Feature crowfoot construction that engages on the socket for easy removal and installation

  • Socket Adapters

    Integrated with 22-socket compartments to accommodate 1/2 inch standard and deep sockets. Feature a unique design that leaves the sockets exposed for easy identification and a strong magnet to hold the sockets in the tray. Rubber feet protect the tool box from scratching

  • Socket Bits

    Heavy-duty, impact-grade sockets capable of accommodating variable axle lengths. Designed with more than three times the standard socket mass to direct more energy while removing mechanical fasteners (bolts, nuts or rivets)

  • Socket Sets

    Wide range of socket sets including 5 low-profile oil and fuel filter canister sockets in a handy case. Available in low profile, 6-point 24mm, 27mm, 29mm, 32mm and 35 / 36mm socket variants ideal for replacing filter elements

  • Sockets

    3/8 inch drive Torx E10 standard sockets made of heat-treated alloy steel to offer a fusion of a well-balanced design and high level of craftsmanship

WrenchesView all

Inspection and Retrieving ToolsView all

  • Hooks and Picks

    Wide range of hook, straight / 90-degree and combination picks designed to offer maximum versatility in tight and hard-to-reach places. Feature dual handles with heat treated tips for additional durability

  • Magnetic Pickups

    Designed for retrieving ferrous parts & leftovers from hard-to-reach spaces in manufacturing plants & automotive facilities. Magnetically shielded design for concentrating the magnetic field at the tip of the tool

  • Retrieving Tools

    Suitable for collecting metal parts & scraps from hard-to-reach spaces in production, automotive & manufacturing facilities. Flexible design & push button magnetising mechanism for ease-of-operation & instant workpiece retrieval

Screwdrivers and NutdriversView all

  • Bit Sets

    Ideal for loosening / fastening disc brake calipers & retaining bolts in automotive facilities & production lines. One piece design for resisting bending / breaking while working with heavy loads & minimising wear

  • Screwdrivers

    Designed for fastening nuts & bolts, and installing moulding around fender wells in hard-to-reach spaces. Ratcheting action for fastening nuts without lifting the screwdriver

Punches Chisels and Hand DrillsView all

  • Center Punches

    Suitable for punching on plastic, wooden & metallic workpieces for machining & fabrication operations. Automatic fire action for creating a dimple on the workpiece upon downward pressure application. Knurled knob for quick pressure adjustment

  • Chisels

    Ideal for separating panels upon spot weld drilling in metalworking applications. Offset and three way sharpened blade for clearance and rugged handle for withstanding harsh hammer blows

Specialty Safety ToolsView all

  • Forks

    Designed for stepped pickle fork kits for separating ball joints, tie rods, steering dampeners & pitman arms. Selected models have heat-treated, alloy steel construction for high impact strength

  • Hand Scrapers

    Suitable for removing gasket residue, rust & carbon build-up from aluminium / steel heads & manifolds for automotive maintenance applications. Selected models have a tungsten carbide tip for durability

Measuring and Layout ToolsView all

  • Feeler Gauges

    Ideal for measuring gaps between objects in production, automotive & manufacturing applications. Foldable design for protecting blades against damage from accidental drops & industrial abuse while ensuring secure storage

Electrical ToolsView all

  • Cable Pullers

    Designed for pulling stuck wire boots and connecting sensor plugs & connectors for automotive production & servicing applications. Insulated, plastic handle grips for preventing accidental shocks while ensuring user comfort & grip

About the Brand

Lisle Corporation is a leading manufacturer of automotive speciality tools for professional technicians and DIYers. The Lisle catalogue includes creepers, battery tools, brake tools, disconnect tools, electrical equipment, engine & exhaust tools, suspension tools and 4WD tools. Lisle gasket cleaners and abrasive pads are designed to clean hard to reach areas. These feature an easily replaceable design to quickly clean gasket surfaces and floating guide shaft to easily steer abrasive pads around the gasket surface. Airline disconnect tools by Lisle are designed to disconnect air systems, flow control valves, check valves and air control fittings found on brakes, suspensions, steering wheels & engines in heavy-duty trucks. These disconnect tools are available in sizes ranging from 1/8 to 5/8 inches. Choose from a wide range of automotive tools, fasteners and safety tools on Raptor Supplies.

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