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For over 25 years, Liberty Garden has been manufacturing smart and innovative products for the storage of garden hoses. Its product line includes hose carts, hose reels, hose butlers, hose pots, hose stands and related accessories. The ready-to-use Liberty Garden hose carts are designed to make hose storage easy and stylish and are therefore ideal for gardening and landscaping applications. These weather-resistant hose carts have a low centre of gravity to prevent tripping by stabilising the cart and pneumatic tires for easy portability over rough or uneven surfaces. They can hold from 250 to 350 ft of 5/8 inch (O.D.) garden hoses and are offered in 2- and 4-wheel variants. The company also offers a complete line of wall-mount hose hangers intended to store hand-coiled hoses. These Liberty hose hangers feature heavy-duty steel construction with a slotted fastening facility for easy installation and removal and can hold up to 125 ft of 5/8 inch garden hoses.

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