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Legacy Manufacturing Company offers a complete line of high-quality automobile repair and maintenance products. The company catalogue includes level wind reels, airline accessories, tire maintenance products, greasing equipment, pumps and funnels. Legacy grease guns are used to dispense grease on equipment to provide lubrication and extend the life of the equipment. They are available in 12 and 18 inch hose lengths with options in lever and piston-grip handles. The company also offers air-operated products such as air guns & hoses, and air-operated grease guns and pumps. Legacy hose assemblies are made of a hybrid polymer blend with an abrasion-resistant outer cover and can work at pressures up to 300 psi. Its tire maintenance product line includes ball foot air chucks, clip-on ball air chucks and inline tire inflators, which ensure proper tire pressure, maximise tire performance and prevent blowouts. Raptor Supplies is an authorised distributor offering a huge variety of the aforementioned Legacy Manufacturing Company products.

Air Gun Nozzles
  • Air Gun Nozzles
Stainless-steel and brass nozzles for use with air blow guns and other pneumatic tools. Help reduce noise levels and consume less air during operation
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Air Guns
  • Air Guns
Used to remove dust, dirt and residue from tight and hard-to-reach spaces. Have a pistol-grip / in-line design and are available in variants with air consumption ranging between 8 and 13 scfm
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Air Hose Accessories
  • Air Hose Accessories
Includes brass-made hose repair assortments with a pipe size of 1/4 inch NPT and barb size of 3/8 inches; can withstand a maximum pressure of 150 psi
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Air-Operated Grease Guns
  • Air-Operated Grease Guns
Also known as pneumatic grease guns; used to keep equipment and parts lubricated. Require less effort than manual grease guns and feature a lock-n-load barrel system that provides quick, threadless connection
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Air-Operated Grease Pumps
  • Air-Operated Grease Pumps
Operate on compressed air to transfer low- to medium-viscosity grease from a storage container to a reservoir or directly to the machinery. Can be used with various mineral and synthetic greases and can fit different container sizes
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Bearing Packers
  • Bearing Packers
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Drum Dollies
  • Drum Dollies
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  • Funnels
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Grease Gun Accessories
  • Grease Gun Accessories
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Grease Guns
  • Grease Guns
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Grease Pumps
  • Grease Pumps
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Oil Metering
  • Oil Metering
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Oil Pumps
  • Oil Pumps
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Oilers and Reservoirs
  • Oilers and Reservoirs
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