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Definite Purpose AC Motors

  • 50 Hz Motors

    Three-phase and capacitor-start motors featuring B / F insulation and a TEFC / TENV / ODP enclosure. Suitable for use where only 50 Hz power supply is available for operation and can be installed in conveyors, blowers, air compressors and pumps

  • Definite Purpose Motors

    Includes 50 / 60 hz definite purpose Leeson electric motors for handling high-breakdown torque in heavy-duty machinery. Available in automotive, crusher and compressor duty variants

  • Farm Duty Motors

    Generally used where exposure to water, dust and dirt is high. Can be used in feeders, grain elevators and silo unloaders. Have a high starting torque and feature a gasketed capacitor case and conduit box cover, and double sealed ball bearings

  • Hazardous Location Motors

    Heavy duty motors intended for use in Class 1 and Class 2 hazardous locations containing explosive gases or combustible dust. Feature double-shielded and pre-lubricated ball bearings and an explosion-proof conduit box

  • Stationary Power Tool Motors

    Ideal for applications where maximum hp load will not exceed the nameplate rating. Come in a TEFC enclosure and offered in 115 / 230 V power rating and B / F insulation variants. Commonly installed in sanders, grinders and planers

  • Vector Motors

    Ideal for machines requiring both constant and variable torque applications. Feature a Class H inverter-rated insulation system and offer provisions for encoder mounting and over temperature protection. Available in cast iron, steel and aluminium frame variants

  • Washdown Motors

    Designed for high-pressure liquid cleaning applications in food and beverage, chemical, and oil and gas industries. Available in different enclosures, form factors and design options

General Purpose AC Motors

  • AC Motors

    Includes single- and three-phase Leeson AC motors for blowers, conveyors, pumps and other industrial machinery. Available in different enclosures, hazardous location classes and horsepower ratings

  • Brake Motors

    Include 50 / 60 Hz heavy-duty brake motors featuring a manual brake release design. Include fail-safe positive stop and holding brakes and dual voltage brake coils, and are ideal for applications requiring quick response braking and holding

  • Metric Three Phase Motors

    Used as replacement motors for textile machinery and machine tools with metric dimensions. Feature a low-noise fan and a steel fan cover for increased airflow efficiency and Leeson's patented Inverter-Rated Insulation System for protection against voltage spikes

DC Motors

  • DC Motor and Control Assemblies

    Intended for applications requiring variable speed, constant torque and dynamic braking. Have a low-profile compact design and feature a steel made bolt-on base. Offered in different hp ratings, frames and assemblies

HVAC Motors

  • Condenser Fan Motors

    Feature high starting torque for efficient performance and an enclosed endshield on shaft-end to prevent dust, dirt or debris from entering motor when mounted vertically. Designed for belt-driven fans or fan-on-shaft applications

Pump Motors

  • Jet Pump Motors

    Includes UL- and CSA-recognised Leeson motors designed for pumping applications where a direct coupled motor-to-pump setup is required. Feature a NEMA 56 C face mounting flange, steel made threaded and keyed shafts, and double-sealed ball bearings

Power Transmission


  • AC Gearmotors

    Feature permanent gear oil lubrication, hardened steel / bronze gears steel shafts, needle bearings and die-cast aluminium gearcases. Can be mounted at any angle and come equipped with a continuous duty run capacitor

Leeson, by Regal Beloit, is a leading provider of UL and CSA recognised AC and DC motors, gearmotors and motor accessories. These motors are ideal for rugged use in commercial and industrial settings and are widely used in pumps, compressors, blowers and fans. The brand's single- and three-phase AC motors are explosion proof and designed for continuous duty applications in agriculture, woodworking and metallurgy industries. Leeson DC motors are SCR-rated general-purpose motors with a low form factor suitable for food processing and fractional hp applications. Raptor supplies, one of the authorised distributors of Leeson motors, supplies a diverse range of Leeson electric motors including AC, DC, washdown, vector, gear, farm duty, brake, hazardous location and condenser fan motors.