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Outdoor Equipment

Concrete Mixer Accessories

Includes Kushlan cement mixer drums, gas retrofit kits, universal stands, side scraper replacement blades and assemblies for models like 350 DD, 450 DD, 600 DD, 350 WSB and 600 W

    Concrete Mixers

    Includes a wide range of pedestal / wheelbarrow cement mixers, epoxy mixers and food-grade mixers with belt / direct drive motors and telescoping / removable / retractable handles

      Power Concrete Screed Blades

      Includes a wide range of power screed blades, used for striking off excessive concrete at construction sites. Available in different lengths and widths

        Power Concrete Screed Heads

        Includes Kushlan's KPFS12 concrete power screed head, which is powered by 1.6 hp Honda GX30 engine and features high frequency vibrations for countering honeycomb effects

          Power Concrete Trowel Accessories

          Includes a wide range of steel-made power trowel blades and float pans used for applying a smooth finish on concrete floors

            Power Concrete Trowels

            Includes KPT 36 and KPT 48 concrete power trowel models powered by Honda GX Series engines. Feature universally replaceable steel blades and variable speed rotation

              Vibratory Plate Compactors

              Includes various vibratory plate compactors and tamping rammers producing nearly 2500 lbf centrifugal force and 3900 lbs impact force, respectively. Ideal for compressing earth at construction sites

                Kushlan Products is a manufacturer of high-quality construction equipment. The Kushlan catalogue comprises various products under the Electric Concrete Mixer, Vibratory Plate Compactor, Food Grade Drum Mixer and Concrete Power Trowel product categories. The company manufactures most of its products, including Kushlan cement and epoxy mixers, in accordance with CE, UL and CSA standards. Kushlan food-grade mixers are designed for mixing food items such as tea, coffee, nuts, grains, flour or any other non-sticky, loose ingredients. These mixers feature a stainless-steel / polyethylene drum that operates on a 28-rpm motor to provide rotations up to 360 degrees.The brand's vibratory plate compactors and tamping rammers are capable of producing nearly 2500-lb centrifugal force and 3900-lb impact force, which make these an ideal choice for earth compressing jobs in construction sites. Choose from a wide range of these Kushlan products and related parts, such as Kurb kits, gas-retrofit kits, replacement stands and blades, on Raptor Supplies, an authorised distributor of the brand.