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Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Kushlan Products concrete mixers cross-reference with Collomix and Marshalltown cement mixers. So, if you're looking for a competitor mixer, tool or accessories that are either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the equivalent Kushlan Products mixers available.

Why Us?

Raptor Supplies, a trusted distributor of Kushlan Products & accessories, offers its complete range of products, such as cement mixers, food-grade mixers and vibratory plate compactors. We can recommend suitable products for all your targeted application requirements.


These Kushlan Products mixers, accessories & tools feature a diverse range of sizes. They may require careful compact packaging. Hence, these Kushlan Products mixers and construction equipment are delivered by courier shipment and air freight.

About Kushlan Products

Kushlan Products catalogue comprises various products under the electric concrete mixer, vibratory plate compactor, food-grade mixer and concrete power trowel product categories.
Kushlan Products concrete mixers are devices that rotate their drums to prepare concrete mixtures by combining cement with aggregates, such as sand / gravel & water. Kushlan food-grade mixers are ideal for mixing food items, such as tea, coffee, nuts, grains, flour or any other non-sticky, loose ingredients. These Kushlan mixers feature stainless-steel / polyethylene drums having 20 to 36-inch diameters, providing corrosion resistance & durability. They are equipped with motors having power ratings ranging from 0.5 to 1 hp to rotate drums up to 360 degrees. These Kushlan portable mixers have removable / retractable / telescoping handles and large wheels for hassle-free operation and easy manoeuvring at any location.
Kushlan Products offers concrete mixer accessories like replacement drums, drum lids, mixer stands, gas engine retrofit kits and side scraper replacement blades. Replacement mixer drums are used to replace worn out, old or faulty mixer drums of Kushlan cement mixers or food-grade mixers and gas retrofit kits are used to replace gas engines / motors in Kushlan gas-powered mixers. Replacement drum lids are ideal for preventing contamination and escape of ingredients during mixing. Kushlan Products universal stand is suitable for supporting Kushlan's 350wsb and 600w cement mixers & providing a stable platform for mixing. Users can also select side scraper blade or assembly for clearing out the mixed materials fully.
Kushlan vibratory plate compactors are designed for use in compact spaces next to walls or foundations to compact the loose granular soils, gravel, paving stones & asphalt surfaces. These Kushlan Products plate compactors are easy to operate and use vibration to compress the surface. Selected models include a reversible plate compactor to provide quick access to the corners.
Choose from a wide range of these Kushlan products and related parts, such as Kurb kits, gas-retrofit kits, mixer drums and replacement stands & blades on Raptor Supplies. We provide the desired tools for your applications even if they are not available in our catalogue.

Kushlan Products Competitive Advantages

Do-it-Yourself Landscaping With Kushlan Kurb

Do-it-Yourself Landscaping With Kushlan Kurb

Users face problems using plastic pushes for landscaping, edging or use in railroad ties or paver stones. They have to constantly work on the inexhaustible amount of grass & weeds in the way of their walkway or flower bed.
Kushlan Kurb provides a solution to these problems by making beautiful curves around flower beds, lawns, walkways or drivew...

ays. This product allows the landscape border to either flush with the top of grass or be higher than the grass surface. Kushlan Kurb eliminates the requirement for edging as users can even run their lawnmower tires on top of the finished curbs while mowing grass. Kushlan Kurb requires only tools like shovel / edger and finishing trowel for digging a trench around the boundary of edging and finishing the top of the curb & ends respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of mixers?

There are two main types of mixers depending on the material used. Food ingredients are mixed using food grade mixers and cement with water and gravel is mixed using concrete mixers to form concrete. Generally, we use barrel shaped cement mixers instead of handheld cement mixers for mixing larger volumes of concrete.

How to choose a suitable Kushlan mixer?

  • Application: Kushlan Products can deliver concrete mixers for mixing concrete mixtures while the food-grade mixers are used to mix food ingredients. Users can also purchase vibratory plate compactors for compressing loose earth, gravel or sand surfaces.
  • Drum characteristics: Users should take note of the amount of concrete mix that is required for the application. It is necessary to have the right mixing speed for the uniform consistency of the mixture. The mixer drums can have either stationary or rotating blades. Using a number of blades leads to faster production of evenly mixed mixtures.
  • Mixer motor characteristics: Users should choose the mixer's motor power based on the mixture volume and the required production time. Using a mixer with a weak motor for mixing a large concrete mixture could damage the mixer. They should also see the current & voltage ratings of the mixers before purchasing.
  • Additional features: The mixers can be fitted with additional wheels for easy movement around the construction site and additional locking systems for preventing accidental movement of the machine.

What size cement mixer should users buy?

Users generally believe in the "more is better" mindset, but that is not always true with cement mixers. A Kushlan cement mixer having 3.5 to 4 cubic foot volumes is generally more than enough for small scale projects. Above this volume range, cement mixers are used in medium to large scale operations.

How can users keep concrete from sticking to a cement mixer?

Start with a wet drum by giving the mixer drum interior a quick spray with a water hose. Then, mix a wet slurry in the cement mixer while adding more concrete mixture as required. The wetness of the mixture and drum interior prevents the mixed concrete from sticking to the walls of a cement mixer drum.

How long should concrete mix in a mixer?

The concrete mixture should be allowed to mix for 3 to 5 minutes till the finished concrete resembles thick oatmeal and has uniform consistency & holds its shape.

What safety measures should one consider while using a concrete mixer at a worksite?

  • The mixers should always be run empty before its use and frequently checked for loose parts, nuts or bolts. Users should also make sure that the concrete mixer drum does not contain any equipment or tool before usage.
  • Workers should keep their hands & clothing away from the moving part of the concrete mixer while always keeping the running mixer in line of sight.
  • Do not overload the mixers to save time. It could cause damage to the mixers.
  • Electrically driven mixers should be well maintained with good condition connecting wires & circuit breaker. The electric motor should also be earthed to prevent short circuiting.
  • The cement mixers should be disconnected from the power source before moving, servicing, adjusting or installing accessories / attachments. The movement of the cement mixers could tip them over causing damage to their motors.

What standards does Kushlan Products comply with?

The company manufactures most of its products, including Kushlan cement and epoxy mixers, following CE, UL and CSA standards.