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Knipex has been offering a complete line of high-quality hand tools for the construction, electrical, aerospace, electronics, metalworking and plumbing industries. The entire brand's facility is ISO certified and its extensive catalogue includes wire strippers, dismantling tools, gripping pliers, nippers, cutting pliers, pincers, water pump pliers, pipe wrenches, cable and wire rope shears, insulated tools and tool cases. Knipex bolt cutters are designed for cutting chains, bolts, wire meshes and padlocks and feature angled handles for minimising the operator effort by reducing force requirement. These cutters further come equipped with non-slip dual component handle sleeves for a secure grip and induction-hardened cutting edges for handling high-strength metals. For gripping, clamping and holding workpieces during welding operations, Knipex clamping-jaw locking pliers are best suited because of their toggle lever action that provides a high clamping force with minimal manual effort. These compact locking pliers feature rolled-steel construction facilitating a one-hand operation to provide user comfort for prolonged use and are offered in jaw widths ranging from 2.625 to 5.515 inches. Choose from a wide range of these products along with other brand products, such as crimping tools, tool dies and nut drivers on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Knipex distributor.

Adjustable Wrenches
  • Adjustable Wrenches
Made from high-strength chrome vanadium steel and feature parallel & smooth gripping jaws with scaling feature for pre-setting the width
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Bolt Cutters
  • Bolt Cutters
Feature forged-on stoppers with comfortable shock absorbers and grip handles, and offer a cutting capacity of up to 48 HRC
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Box End Wrenches
  • Box End Wrenches
Designed to fit square- and hexagonal-shaped nuts and bolts, and are used for fine indexing and turning inaccessible nuts. Available in 6- and 12-point variants with options in both metric and SAE sizes
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Cable and Wire Crimping Tools
  • Cable and Wire Crimping Tools
Digital and insulated crimpers designed and factory-calibrated specifically for crimping end sleeves to DIN specifications. Feature integral self-releasing lock for high-quality crimps with outstanding repeatability
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Products (34)
Cable and Wire Cutters
  • Cable and Wire Cutters
Centre- / shear-cut cable and wire cutters featuring an internal opening spring with lock and screw joint for blade guidance. Have a robust design with a comfort grip handle to ensure precise operations. Blades are curbed and surface-grinded for extended durability
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Crimping Tool Dies
  • Crimping Tool Dies
Solar connector dies and solar crimp locators used for bending, cutting, stripping, and crimping insulated wires. Can also coax cables, battery terminals, and insulated / uninsulated electrical wiring
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Crimping Tool Kits
  • Crimping Tool Kits
Include crimping pliers, standard cable connectors, crimpers, dies, locators and stackable insert trays for each connector
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Diagonal Cutters
  • Diagonal Cutters
Intended for tough and continuous applications in electronics, mechanicals and metalworking projects. Feature diagonally offset cutting edges to precisely cut close objects
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Electrical Gloves
  • Electrical Gloves
Class 0 rubber electrical gloves used to protect workers when working close to live parts. Available in sizes 9 and 10
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Hand Saws
  • Hand Saws
Feature a 6-inch steel blade with 25 teeth per inch for fine cutting of metals and woods, as well as irregular and curved workpieces. Have an insulated pistol-design handle for shock resistance and easy grip
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Hex/Torx Keys
  • Hex/Torx Keys
Provide 360-degree rotation at angles up to 35 degrees. Feature insulated T-shaped handles for comfortable grip and increased turning power
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Hook Cutters
  • Hook Cutters
Solid, fixed, hooked and sickle-shaped dismantling cutters featuring a vacuum-hardened stainless-steel surgical / oil-hardened special tool steel blade for heavy-duty applications. Used to cut round cables, sector cables and conductor insulations
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Insulated Hand Ratchets
  • Insulated Hand Ratchets
Have interchangeable sockets to help loosen and tighten different-sized bolts and fasteners. Feature an insulated and durable grip to reduce the possibility of electric shocks
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Insulated Tool Sets
  • Insulated Tool Sets
Insulated open end, sockets and tool sets containing wire strippers, dismantling knives, wrenches, insulating clamps, insulating mats, electrician gloves and cables. Available in kit sizes ranging from 5 to 48 pieces
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Linesman Pliers
  • Linesman Pliers
Used by electricians and tradesmen for gripping, bending, cutting and twisting an assortment of wires and cables. Feature serrated cross-hatched knurled gripping zone for pulling and insulated handle
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Products (8)
Locking Pliers
  • Locking Pliers
Chrome vanadium / steel locking pliers equipped with adjusting screws and release triggers for secure hold over a wide range of objects. Available in various jaw styles to grip round, flat and large objects in various plumbing and welding applications
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Long Nose and Needle Nose Pliers
  • Long Nose and Needle Nose Pliers
Can fit in confined and deep spaces; have a smooth / serrated surface to avoid marring and scratching, and for providing a firm grip. Suitable for grabbing, looping and cutting wires, as well as for gripping small objects
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Products (26)
Multi-Bit Screwdrivers
  • Multi-Bit Screwdrivers
Easy-to-carry pen style control cabinet keys featuring fastening clips for opening control cabinets and tightening / loosening screws. Eight-arm control cabinet twin keys with interchangeable bits also available
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Nippers and Nibblers
  • Nippers and Nibblers
End cutting / precision / ESD nippers and notching pliers designed to cut through sheet metal without deformation and to twist and cut wires in a single operation. Available in different jaw lengths, widths and shapes
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Nut Drivers
  • Nut Drivers
Feature hollow shafts to fit long bolts, precision heads for securing hex nuts and threaded rod ends for loosening nuts easily. Available in different shank lengths and hex sizes
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