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Kimble Chase, now DWK Life Sciences, provides a wide variety of laboratory and scientific glassware. The company offers a broad range of reusable, disposable and specialty glassware for pharmaceutical, petrochemical, educational and life sciences applications. The Kimble Products catalogue includes lab adapters and joints, flasks, beakers, graduated cylinders, funnels, bottles and jars, test tubes and Petri dishes. These products are used in sample collection, storage, preparation, analysis and disposition. All Kimble Chase glassware meets the ASTM standard specification for glass in laboratory apparatus and is made of borosilicate glass as it has low coefficient of thermal expansion and high resistance to chemicals.

  • Beakers
Feature a lip design for easy pouring of liquids and are used for stirring, mixing and heating liquids during various laboratory experiments. Available in berzelius, griffin and heavy-duty variants with or without handles
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Bottle Caps
  • Bottle Caps
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Bottles and Jars
  • Bottles and Jars
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Carboys and Jerricans
  • Carboys and Jerricans
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Centrifuge Tubes
  • Centrifuge Tubes
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  • Centrifuges
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  • Closures
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  • Flasks
Borosilicate glass-made airless, distillation, erlenmeyer, filter, graduated, round bottom, schlenk and volumetric flasks; used for titration, preparing microbial cultures & heating applications. Feature white ceramic enamel markings and are available in different capacities, diameters & graduation markings
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Graduated Cylinders
  • Graduated Cylinders
ASTM-approved Class A and B borosilicate glass cylinders used to provide precise measurement of liquids. Available in different capacities and graduation subdivisions with or without moulded-in handles for easy pouring
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Products (13)
Lab Adapters and Joints
  • Lab Adapters and Joints
ASTM-approved glass- and PTFE-made transparent distillation bent adapters and Claisen distillation adapters with standard taper joints at each end. Used to build a set-up or configuration of lab equipment to get accurate results
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Products (93)
Laboratory Funnels
  • Laboratory Funnels
Borosilicate glass-made funnels with uniform walls, moulded rims and fire-polished stems; used in separation, addition, filtration or transfer of fluids into bottles, cylinders and flasks. Available in capacities ranging from 35 to 2000 ml with stem lengths up to 97mm
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Test and Culture Tubes
  • Test and Culture Tubes
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  • Vials
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