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Killark Electric Manufacturing, a subsidiary brand of Hubbell is a leading manufacturer of hazardous-location equipment for the power generating and transmission, electronics and avionics industries. The company's product range includes electrical boxes, raceways, conduits, struts, extension cords, cord reels, power strips, circuit breakers, safety switches and automation equipment. Killark electric control stations are ideal for controlling industrial machinery in places exposed to high levels of moisture, dust and flammable gases, as well as prone to oxidation reactions caused by washdown services. These units feature colour-coded separate start and stop pushbuttons for providing a hassle-free operation during a fire or other safety emergencies and are available in cast aluminium and polyester resin enclosure variants. For routing and protecting electrical wiring in devices, structures and buildings, Killark conduit fittings feature a copper-free aluminium enclosure for withstanding tough jobsite abuse and pre-drilled holes allowing both wall and ceiling mounting facilities. Choose from a wide range of these products along with other company products, such as lighting fixtures and tumbler switches on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Killark distributor.

Conduit and Cable Hangers
  • Conduit and Cable Hangers
Designed to secure rigid metal conduit, IMC & EMT tubes across, parallel or perpendicular to channels, beams and angle supports. Feature a hot-dipped galvanised steel construction capable of supporting heavy loads
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Conduit and Outlet Bodies
  • Conduit and Outlet Bodies
Iron / aluminium conduit bodies designed for providing access to conductors for pulling or splicing jobs. Feature smooth integral wire bushings to protect wires from damage & gaskets (on selected models) for withstanding wet applications
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Conduit Body Covers and Gaskets
  • Conduit Body Covers and Gaskets
Includes installation accessories, such as aluminium covers, gaskets and gasket hubs, ideal for use with Killark conduit bodies
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Conduit Fittings
  • Conduit Fittings
Copper-free aluminium conduit outlet bodies with threaded hubs and 25 cu. in capacity. Can be used as splice boxes or for hanging pendant fixtures. Available in 1/2, 3/4 & 1 inch hub sizes
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Electrical Box Covers
  • Electrical Box Covers
Hazardous-location blank covers for use with SWB back boxes in areas where Type 7 & 9 enclosure protection is required. Feature a ground flange joint between bolted cover and the box to provide the required flame path and SS-operating shaft in both push buttons & selector switches
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Enclosure Accessories
  • Enclosure Accessories
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Hard Wired GFCI
  • Hard Wired GFCI
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