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Keson is an American-based manufacturer of high-quality measuring and marking products. The company's product line includes measuring tapes, measuring wheels and related accessories. For jobs requiring surveying and measurement in extreme field conditions, Keson tapes come equipped with highly durable steel or fibreglass blades designed to resist damage and breakage. The multi-layer construction of these long tapes provides appreciable tensile strength and corrosion resistance, even from salt water. Keson measuring wheels feature an easy-read counter and are capable of measuring distances up to 100000 feet. Choose from a wide range of these measuring wheels and other Keson measuring wheel replacement parts and carrying cases on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Keson distributor.

  • Chalk Line Reels
Large / standard chalk lines featuring a steel pull ring for steady marking of long, straight lines on flat surfaces. Selected models featuring a folding, recessed handle also available
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  • Marking Chalk and Refills
Marking chalk refills and replacement chalk lines used for measuring and marking perimeters on roads, plumbing locations, paving and fencing
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  • Masonry Miscellaneous Tool Accessories
Twisted-nylon mason twines used to provide resistance against oil, gasoline and chemicals during marking applications. Available in green, pink, orange and white colours
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  • Measuring Tapes
Standard / engineers measuring tapes used to measure distances in surveying jobs. Feature fibreglass / steel blades to withstand breakage or damage under extreme field conditions. Selected models come equipped with a belt clip.
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  • Measuring Wheel Accessories
Includes replacement accessories, such as counters and nylon carrying cases, for use with measuring wheels
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  • Measuring Wheels
Used to measure boundaries or large areas for applications in construction sites, road marking, paving and fencing. Feature a metal- / ABS- / plastic-spoked wheel and capable of measuring distances up to 100000 feet
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  • Parts
Replacement tape refills for use with worn-out measuring tapes. Available in nylon-coated steel and fibreglass materials
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