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Johnson Level is a leading manufacturer of high-quality digital levels, rotary laser levels, laser distance measuring tools, framing squares and marking tools for precise levelling operations. Johnson rotary laser levels enable you to snap a level line around a room within seconds and are widely used for framing out a room, installing a chair rail and putting in cabinets. These rotary levels can self-level in the horizontal plane and require manual levelling in the vertical plane on selected models. Johnson digital levels accurately measure slope for the construction of wheelchair ramps or plumbing pipes. They feature SurroundView vials for reflecting ambient light and illuminating the LCD in low-light conditions and come with a built-in hold button to lock the measurements displayed on the screen.
For use in constrained spaces, the brand's torpedo levels are an ideal tool for electricians or plumbers. These levels feature a high-impact Structo-Cast / aluminium frame with V-grooves to fit on any pipe or conduit. Choose from a wide range of Johnson levels & tools on Raptor Supplies.

  • Angle Pitch and Slope Locators
Protractor angle finders and pitch / slope locators providing accurate measurement of pitches, angles and slopes. Feature a high-impact plastic body and are widely used in carpentry, plumbing, electrical and HVAC works
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Products (2)
  • Box I-Beam and Torpedo Levels
Ideal choice for electricians, plumbers & machinists to ensure correct surface or angle alignment. Feature high-impact and corrosion-resistant aluminium / bamboo / Structo-Cast plastic frame. Selected models come with a grooved frame to fit pipes and conduits.
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Products (22)
  • Combination Square Sets and Components
Used to determine internal and external angles, and draw layouts in woodworking, masonry and metalworking applications. Include a steel blade with a square head and are available in different blade lengths
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Products (7)
  • Contour Gauges
6-inch-long ruled contour duplication gauges with a stamped steel body and ruled edges used for copying mouldings and replicating angles / shapes in tiling, carpentry and woodworking applications
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Products (1)
  • Depth Micrometers
Products (1)
  • Digital Angle Finders
Products (10)
  • Digital Calipers
Products (1)
  • Distance Meters
Products (1)
  • Electronic and Laser Leveling Kits
Self-levelling laser levels featuring acrylic vials or display screens to determine plumbs or levels. Powered by alkaline / lithium batteries
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Products (11)
  • Laser Level Accessories
Includes installation accessories, such as laser detectors, enhancement glasses, magnetic floor targets and mounting brackets, for use with laser levels
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Products (16)
  • Level Accessories
Products (1)
  • Measuring Tapes
Products (3)
  • Plumb Bobs
Products (5)
  • Protractors
Products (1)
  • Rotary and Straight Line Laser Levels
Used for levelling horizontal surfaces by projecting a fixed red or green beam and are ideal for surveying or construction site operations. Selected models can also level vertical surfaces
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Products (34)
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