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For over 120 years, Intermatic has been designing and manufacturing energy control and management solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The company's product catalogue includes timer controls, in-wall controls, sensors and accessories. The Intermatic Timers catalogue includes a wide range of electromechanical timers, electronic timers, spring wound timers, cycle timers and plug-in wall switch timers for varied uses in electrical and electronic equipment. The company also manufactures 100VA / 300VA / 600VA rated single phase transformers for light commercial applications, and digital and analogue Intermatic wall timers with varying maximum and minimum time settings.

  • Cycle Timers
One-pole cycle timers to automatically turn home or industrial appliances ON and OFF at preset intervals. Can be used with manual or time switches and have a maximum cycle time of 120 minutes
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  • Defrost Timer Control
Time-initiated, auto-voltage defrost timers with accurate defrost control for electric or hot gas defrost systems. Feature temperature / pressure / time termination, 7-day flexible scheduling, battery backup and led indicator
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Products (8)
  • Electromechanical Timers
Includes a wide range of 24-hour and 7-day mechanical time switches designed for installation within a machine control panel that does not require more than 40 amps. Available in polycarbonate / steel enclosures
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  • Electronic Timers
Includes a wide range of quality Intermatic electronic timers featuring a steel / plastic enclosure and an alkaline / lithium / nickel-metal hydride battery for delivering up to 1 hp at 120 volts
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Products (81)
  • Hour Meters
Industrial-grade AC hour meters and DC vibration hour meters used to track and display the duration for which a machine has been in use
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Products (9)
  • Lighting Photocontrol Accessories
Includes receptacles and receptacle mounts for containment and mounting of sensors, and shorting caps to eliminate the load switching OFF because of headlights, lightning, etc. Suitable for parking lots, street lighting and other outdoor lighting
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Products (4)
  • Lighting Photocontrols
Includes different fixed mount and locking-type Intermatic photocontrols in polycarbonate / polypropylene / die-cast metal housing options
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Products (23)
  • Parts
High-performance dial timer mechanisms with manual override and an ON and OFF tripper. Allow up to 12 ON / OFF operations each day with 24 hour control, and can handle up to 40 ampere load
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Products (3)
  • Plug-In Wall Switch Timers
Digital and mechanical plug-in timers with manual override for indoor and outdoor applications. Used to automatically switch lamps, computers and other electrical devices OFF after a preset time
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Products (7)
  • Single Phase Transformers
CSA and UL compliant 100 / 300 / 600 VA transformers commonly used with submersible fixtures, pool lights and decorative lights. Feature built-in circuit protection for auto shut-off during overload and grounded shield for extra safety
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Products (6)
  • Spring Wound Timers
Includes a variety of FF and FD Series Intermatic spring wound timers in SPST, DPST and SPDT switch types
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  • Timer Accessories
Includes trippers, door assemblies, Ethernet modules, surge suppressors, time clock motors and 4-circuit relay modules used in timer control devices
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  • Weatherproof Box Covers
Waterproof polycarbonate / die cast aluminium box covers featuring a self-closing lid to protect electrical connections, switches or ports from moisture and weather exposure
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