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Ingersoll Rand is an American-based tool company that offers a complete range of air compressor systems, hand tools and power tools. Its Air Compressor product line includes rotary screw air compressors, stationary electric air compressors and air compressor dryers. Air compressor dryers are used to remove moisture from air compressor systems and come in different air flow rates, dimensions and pressure capacities. The Ingersoll Rand Products catalogue includes a wide range of cordless tools, impact wrenches, ratchets, grinders, sanders, polishers, drills, hammers and other cutting tools for quick, easy and durable operation. The company also manufactures a complete line of Ingersoll Rand air tools such as chain hoists, cable balancers, motors, winches, sanders, saws and air cut-off tools.

Air Belt Sanders
  • Air Belt Sanders
Low noise, low vibration industrial-duty air belt sanders (0.4 hp) with a maximum rpm rating of 12000,ideal for removing rust, cleaning up rough castings, taking down welds and deburring parts
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Air Cable Balancers
  • Air Cable Balancers
ZA Series air cable balancers with a maximum load capacity of 500 lb, ideal for precision handling of variable weight loads. Feature an ergonomically designed pendant with colour-coded thumb levers to facilitate up / down movement and a Z-brake to avoid rapid upward cable travel
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Air Chain Hoists
  • Air Chain Hoists
Heavy-duty air-powered chain hoists capable of lifting loads up to 1000 lb at a height of up to 10 ft. Feature self-adjusting disc brakes that are applied automatically if air supply is cut off and require up to 90 scfm air to operate at 90 psi
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Air Compressor Pumps
  • Air Compressor Pumps
Single- and dual-stage splash lubricated air compressor pumps designed for continuous-duty operation. Feature a CCW rotation facing flywheel, stainless steel valves, cast iron / aluminium body construction, reed valves and a maximum pressure of 175 psi
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Air Compressor System Controller
  • Air Compressor System Controller
NEMA 12 rated air compressor system controllers designed to effectively manage multiple positive displacement air compressors simultaneously. Can operate at temperatures ranging from 32 to 115 degree F and require input power of 50VA
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Air Cut-Off Tools
  • Air Cut-Off Tools
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Air Disc Sanders
  • Air Disc Sanders
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Air Drills
  • Air Drills
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Air Finishing Sanders
  • Air Finishing Sanders
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Air Grinders
  • Air Grinders
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Air Hammers
  • Air Hammers
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Air Impact Wrenches
  • Air Impact Wrenches
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Air Motors
  • Air Motors
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Air Pencil Grinders
  • Air Pencil Grinders
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Air Ratchets
  • Air Ratchets
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Air Sanders
  • Air Sanders
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Air Saws
  • Air Saws
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