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igus GmbH has been offering a complete line of reinforced plastic energy chain systems and polymer plain bearings for applications in pharmaceutical, automotive, material handling, packaging and automation industries. The company's line of products includes cable hose carrier systems, spherical rod ends, slewing rings and clips, flangettes, sleeve and spherical roller bearings. Use highly-durable spherical roller bearings to support heavy radial and axial loads in both directions. These igus bearings have maximum dynamic and static load capacities of 294 N and 210 N, respectively. They can operate at temperatures ranging between -50 and 176 degrees Fahrenheit, and are available in 4, 6, 7, 8 and 12 mm variants.
To protect cables and hoses from impact, use zipper-style cable hose carrier systems. These energy chain systems by igus are suitable for use in noise-sensitive areas with limited space and small conduits. They are made from plastic and feature hinged-opening cavity bars.

  • Cable Hose Carrier Systems
Cable and hose carrier systems, vertical separators and mounting bracket sets designed to protect cables and hoses against damage from impact. Ideal for use in noise-sensitive areas with limited space and small conduits
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Products (213)
  • Clip Bearings
Includes metric / standard igus clip bearings designed for use with shafts when they run through sheet metal plates. Feature M250 thermoplastic construction, double-flange design and high wear resistance
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Products (31)
  • Flangette Bearings
Lightweight and self-lubricating 2-bolt igus flange bearings suitable for use in areas where access to bearing is limited as well as in wet / moist environments. Feature polymer construction and are resistant to dust, dirt and corrosion
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Products (26)
  • Sleeve Bearings
Designed to provide high mechanical stability with minimal friction and without additional lubrication. Feature high-performance polymer construction and are available in different lengths and flange diameters
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Products (137)
  • Slewing Rings
Ideal for applications in revolving grabs and winches, power loaders, tunnel machines, shovel and digging-wheel excavators, and machine tools. Feature aluminium construction and have a maximum rotational speed of 250 rpm
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Products (9)
  • Spherical Rod Ends
Includes self-lubricating rod ends suitable for linear, oscillating and rotating movements. Have a high vibration dampening capacity and tensile strength, and can support a maximum angular misalignment of 30 degrees
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Products (16)
  • Spherical Roller Bearings
Intended to provide support for heavy radial and axial loads in both directions. Feature maximum dynamic and static load capacities of 294 and 210 N, respectively. Can easily operate at temperatures ranging from -50 to 176 degrees F
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