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Hubbell Premise Wiring is a brand of Hubbell Incorporated, which is a leading manufacturer of wiring, electrical and datacom products. The Hubbell Premise catalogue of products includes various patch cords, voice and data jacks, connectors and adapters, voice and data wiring blocks, audio / video cables and voice and data communication cabinets. The Hubbell Premise Wiring Cabinets line of products includes a wide variety of steel-body wall mount cabinets, enclosures and racks in different dimensions, load capacities and mounting styles. These cabinets are used to organise cables and wires in data centres, server rooms and in various communication installations. Hubbell Premise Wiring devices such as connectors, control components and switches are used in different industrial, commercial and communication settings.

Audio-Video Cables
  • Audio-Video Cables
26 AWG fibre optic and copper alloy patch cords having 8P8C - RJ45 or ascent connectors designed to provide maximum bandwidth with minimum congestion. Available in lengths up to 100 feet
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Audio-Video Splitters Connectors and Adapters
  • Audio-Video Splitters Connectors and Adapters
Includes connectors, couplers and adapters featuring high-impact plastic body designed for high-speed signal transfer between two devices. Snap-fit stereo jacks with coupler and screw type terminations for use with 3.5 mm audio jacks also available
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Bonding and Grounding Wire Accessories
  • Bonding and Grounding Wire Accessories
UL-listed copper busbars pre-assembled with stainless-steel mounting brackets and insulators for use in electrical grounding and bonding applications
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Cabinet Accessory
  • Cabinet Accessory
Includes adapter and patch panels, cable rings and cabinets, and rack shelves for efficient cable management. Mounting brackets for installing cabinets also available
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Fiber Optic Adapters
  • Fiber Optic Adapters
Two-port fibre optic adapters with LC and SC duplex connections designed for use with FSP panels and OFPPL Multimedia Boxes. Feature high-performance zirconia ceramic sleeves to connect and align inserted ceramic ferrules together
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Ground Bar Kit
  • Ground Bar Kit
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Test Equipment
  • Test Equipment
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Voice Data Connectors
  • Voice Data Connectors
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Voice Data Housings
  • Voice Data Housings
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Voice Data Jacks
  • Voice Data Jacks
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Voice Data Patch Cords
  • Voice Data Patch Cords
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Wire Terminal Kits
  • Wire Terminal Kits
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