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Fibre-Metal, a Honeywell brand, is a global manufacturer of high-quality safety equipment used in chemical, construction, aerospace and automotive industries. Its product catalogue includes hard hats, welding helmets, faceshield assemblies and bump caps. The brand’s baseball-style bump caps are made of cotton, and feature thermoplastic inner shells for maximum protection against abrasions, bruises and minor lacerations. They also have cooling ventilation eyelets and pinlock / adjustable strap suspensions. The brand’s SEI-certified fibreglass welding helmets accommodate protective eyewear, respirators and hearing protection while blocking smoke and fumes. The reinforced crowns, throats and edges resist cracking, ensuring complete protection from hot metal sparks. Choose from a wide range of faceshield replacement visors, welding helmet accessories and hard hat faceshields on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Fibre-Metal distributor.