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Honeywell provides a variety of commercial products for manufacturing, automation, healthcare and safety industries. The Honeywell Micro Switch product line includes various electromechanical switches in different styles, such as snap action, toggle, safety interlock, wireless and magnetically actuated safety interlock switches. The Honeywell Thermostat line of products include low voltage thermostats, line voltage thermostats, fan coil thermostats and hydronic thermostats. These thermostats are extensively used in commercial, military and aerospace industries to cut the electrical supply of the system when the temperature reaches a predefined limit. The company also manufactures a complete line of safety products, such as gloves, respirators, safety glasses, laser eyewear and goggles, gas masks, military police and tactical gloves and aprons, to ensure safety and protection at work.

Air Cleaner Accessories
  • Air Cleaner Accessories
Includes replacement lamps and UV bulbs that are 70 percent efficient in killing bacteria
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Products (2)
Air Cleaner Filters
  • Air Cleaner Filters
Includes MERV 10 and 11 rated air cleaner, pop-up and air cleaner replacement filters designed for use in HVAC systems
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Products (5)
Air Cleaners
  • Air Cleaners
Air purifiers, air treatment systems, and electronic and media air cleaners ideal for hotels, gymnasiums, spas, clinics, offices and malls. Have a maximum air flow of 2000 cfm and available in different colours, depths, heights and mounting options
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Products (10)
Air Vents
  • Air Vents
Brass, bronze or thermoplastic air vents used for ventilating, heating, and air conditioning; can withstand temperatures up to 250 degree F. Available in 1-1/4 FNPT, 1/8 and 3/4 MNPT inch variants
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Products (4)
Airline Filtration and CO Monitors
  • Airline Filtration and CO Monitors
Filtration panels, pre-filters and remote carbon monoxide (CO) alarms used for monitoring the CO content of air in ambient air pumps and filtration systems
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Products (4)
  • Aprons
ANSI-compliant stainless-steel aprons ideal for welding, carpentry, and food and chemical processing applications. Feature 20 (H) x 20 (W) inch mesh with 4-ring joint design for flexibility
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Products (2)
Aquastat Relays
  • Aquastat Relays
Includes dual aquastat, immersion and multi-zone immersion controllers used for temperature control of liquids in boilers and storage tanks
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Products (11)
Cable Pull Switch Accessories
  • Cable Pull Switch Accessories
Includes cable kits, draw-bar end springs, hardware packets, mounting brackets and multicluster LED accessories used to install emergency stop switches
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Products (11)
Cable Pull Switches
  • Cable Pull Switches
Reliable NC or NO cable pull switches to provide emergency stoppage of conveyors and large machinery. Cost-effective alternative for multiple emergency push-buttons. Available in single and double end variants
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Products (19)
Calibration Kits and Stations
  • Calibration Kits and Stations
Efficient and fast docking stations providing bump tests and calibration in less than a minute. Can be easily connected to a PC via USB and are used for instrument identification, battery tests and alarm tests
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Products (1)
Circular Charts
  • Circular Charts
Products (92)
Coated Gloves
  • Coated Gloves
Products (10)
Cut-Resistant Gloves
  • Cut-Resistant Gloves
Products (52)
Cut-Resistant Sleeves
  • Cut-Resistant Sleeves
Products (8)
Door Switches
  • Door Switches
Products (12)
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