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Thread Insert

  • Thread Insert Kits

    Includes Helicoil thread repair kits comprising drill installation tools, steel taps and helical inserts with an MC, UNF or UNC threading

  • Thread Insert Tool Accessories

    Includes pneumatic power tool adapters and electric power supplies used for installing threaded inserts. Available in steel and aluminium material options

  • Thread Insert Tools

    Includes a variety of Helicoil insert tools, such as mandrels, working gauges, pre-winders and tool drivers, used for installing threaded inserts in drilled holes

  • Thread Repair Inserts

    Includes a wide range of steel / stainless steel Helicoil inserts with a high tensile strength (up to 250000 psi). Available in different lengths, free coil diameters and internal thread sizes


Machine Cutting Tools

  • Taps

    Includes a wide range of Helicoil taps, used to remove material from a punched or pre-drilled hole. Available in straight flute and plug styles

Power Tools

Cordless Tools

  • Cordless Riveters

    Insert installation tool kits used for safe and fast installation of blind rivets. Include 2 batteries, a charger, a mandrel chuck and a steel / thermoplastic cordless riveter

Helicoil is a global manufacturer of helical inserts, also known as screw thread inserts, used to accommodate standard fasteners. The Helicoil catalogue comprises thread repair inserts, thread insert tools, taps, thread repair kits and related accessories for use in automotive, aerospace and defence industries. Helicoil thread repair kit comprises steel taps, drill installation tools and helical inserts of MC, UNF and UNC thread types. Helicoil thread inserts are corrosion-resistant and have a positive self-locking torque which complies with MIL-I-8846 and MIL-N-25027. Choose from a wide range of Helicoil mandrels, taps and helical inserts on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Helicoil distributors.