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With more than 60 years of experience, Hakko Corporation has been manufacturing a wide variety of high-quality soldering and de-soldering tools and fume extractors. The Hakko Soldering catalogue includes soldering tips, soldering and de-soldering stations, soldering iron testers and soldering irons and pots. Hakko soldering station is a multipurpose power soldering device that is widely used in electronic equipment repair workshops and electronic laboratories. It consists of one or more soldering tools connected to the main unit which includes a temperature controller. Hakko soldering iron is a soldering hand tool that supplies heat to melt solder into the joint between two workpieces. The company's fume extractors are used at soldering stations to extract contaminated air directly at the source.

Fume Extractor Accessories
  • Fume Extractor Accessories
ESD safe accessories used with fume extractors to direct, control and absorb 80 per cent of the noxious fumes. Made from ESD safe plastic / neoprene / polyethylene / polyurethane / pleated material
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Fume Extractors
  • Fume Extractors
Designed to operate in standing-up or laying-down low-profile position which increases the airflow and efficiency by 2.5 times. Feature an activated carbon filter for effective removal of contaminants and impurities
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Soldering Accessories
  • Soldering Accessories
Includes RoHS compliant tip cleaners, tweezers, blades, rework stands, etc. for domestic and heavy-duty soldering applications. Offered in metal / glass / fibreglass / rubber body material
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Soldering and Desoldering Stations
  • Soldering and Desoldering Stations
Digital / analogue soldering and desoldering stations widely used in automobile radiator cores, plumbing work, electronic workshops and laboratories. Offered in different temperature ranges and pump types
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Soldering Iron Testers
  • Soldering Iron Testers
Commonly used to alert users about improper voltage and incorrect tip-to-ground resistance. Available in +/-3 and +/-6 temperature accuracy variants
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Soldering Irons Guns and Pots
  • Soldering Irons Guns and Pots
Used for mass soldering of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and tinning wires in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Offered in different tip sizes, cord lengths, power consumption ratings and operating temperature ranges
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Soldering Tips
  • Soldering Tips
Widely used for drag soldering, correcting of bridging, chip part soldering, connector soldering and QFP soldering. Available in chisel, round, flat / knife blade, conical, pointed and bevel type variants
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