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Pipe Fittings and Couplings

  • Flexible grooved end pipes used for joint connections to reduce noise and vibration transmission in plumbing, process piping, mining, oil field piping and construction. Provide minimum pressure drop & uniform strength and are made of ductile iron / forged steel / fabricated steel

Flow Control Valves

  • Facilitate constant disc-to-seat loading for maintaining a leak-tight stem seal, regardless of disc position. Constant stem sealing force through the full disc cycle and low operating torques increase valve life. Provide a bubble-tight seal from full vacuum to 300 psi when valve is closed


Replacement Parts

  • Includes pressure-responsive gasket styles, each serving a specific function while utilising the same basic sealing concept. Proper installation of gasket compresses the inclined gasket lips on the outer diameter of the pipe forming a leak-tight seal

Gruvlok, a subsidiary of Anvil International, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality pipe fittings and valves for use in mechanical, plumbing, oil & gas and fire protection industries. The extensive Anvil Gruvlok catalogue includes butterfly valves and iron pipe fittings, such as couplings, clamps, adapters, tees, flanges and caps. Gruvlok 7001 Series standard couplings are designed in accordance with ASME, ASTM and NFPA standards and suitable for establishing a connection between similar-sized pipes. These flexible end pipes comprise a grooved connection & a ductile iron body with an EPDM gasket that provides long-term sealing in extreme weather conditions. They are capable of handling loads ranging between 12000 & 35000 lb and can withstand pressures up to 750 psi. The brand's 7700 Series butterfly valves facilitate a stem-to-disc connection for zero-backlash error and a DISC-TO-SEAT loading facility which maintains a leak-tight stem seal, irrespective of the disc position. These valves are available in bolt circle diameters of 3 & 5 inches and in gear & lever-operated handle options.