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  • Grating Clips

    Designed to fasten close-mesh bar grating to particular structural shapes when flanges are in a horizontal plane. Comply with 19W4 standards; feature a patented bottom which connects to the beam on the inside. Equipped with a hex-headed cap screw for a strong connection

Grating Fasteners, LLC offers a variety of grating clips (G-clips) used to fasten gratings from top without drilling, bolting or welding. These G-clips are used to attach bar gratings to horizontal-facing steel structures using simple hand tools. G-clips grating fasteners are available in aluminium, carbon steel and 316 stainless steel variants in different sizes. Choose from a wide variety of these grating fasteners and their accessories, such as grating clip connector bars, clip tops, clip saddles and clip mounts, on Raptor Supplies.