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Genteq, a Regal-Beloit brand, is a leading manufacturer of electric motors and capacitors. Genteq capacitors are used in residential HVAC systems and available in different sizes and MFD ratings. Their product line includes brushless ECM motors, OEM replacement motors, condenser fan motors, direct drive blower motors, blower/motor controllers and motor mounting bases. Genteq's direct drive blower motors are low-power consumption motors and capable of running continuously for long periods without overheating. Brushless ECM motors, used in residential and light commercial systems are energy efficient. Genteq motors are available in a variety of voltages, diameters and speed range options.

  • Blower/Motor Controllers
115 / 230 VAC replacement control modules commonly used to replace Evergreen controls. Widely used in residential or light commercial HVAC systems
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  • Brushless ECM Motors
Includes a wide range of Genteq ECM motors, popularly referred to as variable speed motors, featuring CW and CW / CCW shaft rotation. Available in steel and aluminium frame variants
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  • Capacitors
Includes a wide range of single- and dual-run Genteq capacitors in 370 V and 440 V options. The dual run capacitor combines two capacitors in one and is ideal for supporting two motors.
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  • Condenser Fan Motors
Genteq condenser fan motors used in HVAC systems; come with sleeve / ball bearings and a 1/2-inch (1.3 cm) diameter shaft
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  • Direct Drive Blower Motors
Includes a wide range of single-phase Genteq motors, available in 48 / 48YZ frame size, with a maximum rotational speed of 1100 rpm
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  • Motor Accessories
Includes ECM motor diagnostic tools to identify a motor control or wiring failure, and split ring adapter sets used for enlarging 2 1/4-inch resilient mounting rings to 2 1/2-inch rings
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  • Motor Mounting Bases
Used for mounting shaded-pole and PSC motors in direct drive heating and air conditioning uses. Supplied with mounting latches
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  • OEM Replacement Motors
Includes Genteq condenser fan motors and blower motors in 42 / 48 frame size. Feature a totally enclosed / open air-over enclosure and a sleeve / ball bearing
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